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do NOT send me random friend requests. if i know you or rp with you, go ahead, but i will not friend strangers.
Howdy there! I'm gregory, commonly known as Greg, and I am an absolute and complete mess. i tend to be very vulgar, so if i make you uncomfy, tell me please! Im trans male, 17, and married to the wonderful legiana on a site called xanje! I'm an avid player of videogames, my favourites being overwatch and apex legends. my mains for overwatch are mostly just healers and tanks, but i have lucio's golden gun, so that has to count as something! my apex mains are lifeline, caustic, and pathfinder!

I fail to capitalize most things, and only ever really write around 1-2 paragraphs, but i can write more if needed!! i only do mxm actively, and i might do fxf if i'm comfy with it, but i'm not at all comfy rping straight relationships (the only exceptions being one fandom couple). please take that into consideration when asking me for an rp!

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