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Yo. Hit me up if you want to RP. I'm a long time D&D DM and player, relatively new Pathfinder player. New to this type of RP though so bear with me.

-Private messages are preferred

-Please try to title/subject the message something relevant to the RP for ease of organization

- I expect average grammar skills, meaning most words spelled correctly, the use of quotations, ** around actions, and proper formatting. (Proper formatting meaning every sentence isn't its own line. Don't be obnoxious about it and allow it to be mobile friendly.)

- Third person is preferred

-Our back and forth will no doubt very in length, that is fine. But please have at least a couple sentences for a reply.

-Try to keep (OOC:) to a minimum, but it happens. That's okay, I understand. Let's try to work that stuff out before we get started though.

***Please NEVER be afraid to state that you are uncomfortable with the direction the RP is headed or ask for a fade to black.

***Very important.***If you are below 18, tell me when we are working out details beforehand.

I'm pretty easy going , if you have questions feel free to ask.

+Current schedule: I reply whenever I can, depending on the day that might be multiple times a day, usually at least once a day. There will be days where I just can't make it on though.

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