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fenrir • she/they • 19 • taurus
hi! I'm Grohiik, but you can call me Fen or Fay!
ive been roleplaying for about 8 or so years, and absolutely love it. im a sucker for wolves, and am also wolfkin!

some things i enjoy are Atypical, Stranger Things, and Tame Impala

I love roleplaying, and am open to doing most things. Sometimes I might do more adult topics. While I love roleplay, I am strictly paragraph based!
!! My replies are slow sometimes! I am a full-time college student and have a part time job !! I will guarantee at least one reply a day, though!

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I'm so honored to be Grohiik's first kudos! She's been absolutely amazing in our current RP. Our characters have been on quite the adventure, and she does a great job at plot developing and making the RP fun. She's also a fun person to chat with! Definitely don't miss a chance to RP with her :) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Xion

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