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Hello! I like to go by "Guide". Obviously, I suppose.

A few things to know about me...

I've been roleplaying since 2013-ish and I immensely enjoy it. I created this account in 2017, but I stopped RPing very much around early 2019. I'm only recently getting back into it. So, I'm experienced, but maybe a little rusty.

I'm 18, and I choose to share that because I know some people are picky about the age of their roleplay partner, and I respect that. I personally couldn't care about your age, just as long as you put effort into your posts, or into getting better. I'm here to make friends and partners and have a good time, not write publishable books.

Onto my RP habits!
    - I don't do group RPs. I get overwhelmed, and I don't like "taking turns" like that. Someday, maybe, but right now I only do 1 on 1s.

    - I prefer 3rd person, but depending on the manner of the RP, I'll occasionally use 1st.

    -Adult content is back and forth with me. I don't really do the 'smut' RPs where its just.. all sex. I'm not into that, but if you put up a good idea, I might consider it, but for the most part, plot is what I'm looking for. I don't mind playing out the scenes if that's what you like.

Anyway, I'm super friendly and understanding, so don't be afraid to approach me! I'm happy to talk, even if you don't intend to RP with me just yet. If you have an unfinished idea, feel free to suggest it and we can both work on it!

See ya soon!

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