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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: November 04

I am a roleplayer on Furcadia, an avid fantasy and sci-fi fan, and a nerd in every bit of the sense. I absolutely love everyone, and though I may seem a bit hard-headed at times, I never do it out of malice. I absolutely love critique on character ideas, and I do tend to draw at times, but I haven't in years.

I am a female-to-male transgender, and am currently going through hormone treatment to begin the process of getting surgeries and the like. If you are interested in looking at my vlogs and blogs, my facebook page can be found here!

I promise I'm friendly, and if you ever want to talk, shoot me a whisper! My mains are listed down below!

Roawan Hrojnir
Transitarian (OOC)
Fifel Harrigan

Rave Reviews

  • I highly recommend role-playing with this fine, upstanding gent. He knows how to build an engaging character and play it well. How refreshing!
    -- Candle

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