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Ah, rums. Where to start? You're an old friend, and one with a wide selection of characters that never fails to be entertaining! I'm glad to count you among my friends, and really we must get together for more roleplay soon. I'm proud to have watched you mature as a writer, and always delighted to give you feed back on your characters. You're a kind and compassionate person, who always makes me smile with your antics. Thank you <3 - Madam
Rums always makes me chuckle. They have a vast knowledge of pop culture and even cult culture knowledge. Always getting references and bouncing them back with great amounts of wit. Such a great display of characters. When we have roleplayed, they were fast, descriptive, observant, patient and overall just entertaining! Rums puts in the work, and they have the best Buffy Summers you'll ever see! - Mina

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