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I am Robbins. Jacob Robbins. And I like my RPR's fun, not boring. :P I'm 15 years old, and I got a bunch of friends on here. My favs are Chaotic Death3 (Em, my GF :D), Luciferbrimstone (BEST FRIEND IN DA WORLD XD), Gamers (Old friend from Boy Scouts. Good guy) and Rhythm (Haven't talked to her in a bit). And here's more about me! :P

Okay, so here's something only a few people know about me. I tend to make jokes only older people understand, and I've watched a ton of older movies. My parents say I was born in the wrong age, and I believe 'em. :P. I tend to quote music lines, movie lines, and love using either song names or lyrics for my forum topic titles.

I'm a TOTAL history nut. Like, I love it. Specifically... the Military aspect of it. From WW1 up to even the future. I can give you facts you probably never even knew. If ANYONE out there is up for a War RP or a WW2/WW1 RP, I'D LOVE YOU. Okay. Not LOVE. But you get the point. :P

As long as I can remember, I've been thinking of strategies and designs for things. So, if you read about something in my RPs that you never knew existed, chances are, its a new thing I made up. That or something old. Like Dora: Its an 800mm Railgun from the Germans during WW2, but NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT. :(

Games I play with their usernames:
Runescape (waiting around...): caos lord14
World of Tanks: Caos_lord14
World of Warplanes: Caos_lord14 (not doing it on my own, but if you wanna play, go ahead!)
War Thunder: Caos_lord14
Armor Games: Caos_lord14
Steam: caos_lord14 (see a pattern here?)

Steam games include:
Arma II, Arma III, Warthunder, Planetside 2, Company of Heroes 2, Cry of Fear, GMod, Verdun, Red Orchestra 2 Mulitplayer, Space Engineers, Ghost Recon, Minecraft (Not steam, but you know), and Unturned.

Aaand, my Skype, for ease of access: hiho940, or Jacob Robbins. Can't contact me there? Try here. Still cant? Try my email:, or

Rave Reviews

So far I've done two roleplays with this guy, I think. He's great at keeping you on the edge of your seats waiting for the next reply to a roleplay.His replies flow evenly and aren't all rough and make you wonder what he meant.His specialty I suppose is war,( XD seeing as though both of the rps I've done with him were war)
If your looking for good rp, you've come to the right place. - Rhythm
This guy is Awesome!!!!!!! I love Jake's humor and the way he RPs. He's just an all around fun guy to hang out with, even if he is a bit insane. He's pretty awesome with his sci-fi characters, especially since he could tell you their whole history by heart. You just gotta love this guy!

Love you Jacob,
Chaotic~ ;) - ChaoticDeath3

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