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I am Robbins. Jacob Robbins. And I like my RPR's fun, not boring. :P I'm 15 years old, and I got a bunch of friends on here. My favs are Chaotic Death3 (Em, my GF :D), Luciferbrimstone (BEST FRIEND IN DA WORLD XD), Gamers (Old friend from Boy Scouts. Good guy) and Rhythm (Haven't talked to her in a bit). And here's more about me! :P

Okay, so here's something only a few people know about me. I tend to make jokes only older people understand, and I've watched a ton of older movies. My parents say I was born in the wrong age, and I believe 'em. :P. I tend to quote music lines, movie lines, and love using either song names or lyrics for my forum topic titles.

I'm a TOTAL history nut. Like, I love it. Specifically... the Military aspect of it. From WW1 up to even the future. I can give you facts you probably never even knew. If ANYONE out there is up for a War RP or a WW2/WW1 RP, I'D LOVE YOU. Okay. Not LOVE. But you get the point. :P

As long as I can remember, I've been thinking of strategies and designs for things. So, if you read about something in my RPs that you never knew existed, chances are, its a new thing I made up. That or something old. Like Dora: Its an 800mm Railgun from the Germans during WW2, but NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT. :(

Games I play with their usernames:
Runescape (waiting around...): caos lord14
World of Tanks: Caos_lord14
World of Warplanes: Caos_lord14 (not doing it on my own, but if you wanna play, go ahead!)
War Thunder: Caos_lord14
Armor Games: Caos_lord14
Steam: caos_lord14 (see a pattern here?)

Steam games include:
Arma II, Arma III, Warthunder, Planetside 2, Company of Heroes 2, Cry of Fear, GMod, Verdun, Red Orchestra 2 Mulitplayer, Space Engineers, Ghost Recon, Minecraft (Not steam, but you know), and Unturned.

Aaand, my Skype, for ease of access: hiho940, or Jacob Robbins. Can't contact me there? Try here. Still cant? Try my email:, or

Rave Reviews

Oh, Jake... What can I say, and where to start?
He's amazingly fun to talk to and has an awesome sense of humor (along with drop-dead gorgeous aviators). He never ceases to make me laugh both IC and OOC and is generally accepting of people. His characters are well thought out and wonderfully played; this dude is a master writer.
Kudos, Jake, for being excellent in just about every way. - LuciferBrimstone
HRA is wonderful to RP with because he gives long responses and has well detailed characters, which are all connected to each other. He is always willing to RP with anyone. He seems to love to jump into mine quite a bit. XD I don't mind though. He is also a lot of fun to just talk with because he gives you his honest opinion and makes a lot of jokes. XD Even with his weak lungs!(Hope you get it, man!)

Keep up the good work, HRA! ^_^ - KuroSakuranbo14

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