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I greatly appreciate Nile's honesty and straightforward nature, he's one of the people I can ask for criticism, because I know he will mean the absolutely best for me and it's a virtue worth praising. He's a great writer with insanely rich imagination, though he still keeps all those grand ideas grounded and as realistic as possible, which is no easy task and it's something to appreciate in the writing community who love fantasy. - Queen_of_Hell
I just gave Hades kudos but imma give him more because I love him that much. Despite knowing him for like, 3000 years we haven't started a RP together but that's a okay! He's honestly so much fun to talk to and to just hang out with! A super good friend who cares so much for me (n it makes me cry *sniffles), everyone for sure needs a Hades in their life! Helpful Great sense of humor - Kamui

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