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INTJ. Plain and simple, I am nothing more than what you perceive of me. I am an individual, married and bound by reckless devotion to a soul far beyond the universe. I am a man in love with both the moon and stars, they've captivated me and protected me.

I am beyond my years, yet so naive. I only ask for patience and mutual respect as human beings. Who I am, what I do, and what I think are not factoids for who you are, what you do, and what you think. Please respect that my individuality is not a mirror of my husband's, we are two separate entities and prefer to be treated as such.
I'm an admin and writer for the group of Tam'nýer—a'. I have a handful of characters in the group that are looking for roleplays. We have incredibly talented writers and all of them are itching to find more members to enjoy the stories they put together and to see what new people will bring in. Please, come and join the fun!
As Above

• I do not write or message with anyone under the age of 18.
• I will not accept random friend requests.
• Ghosting and dropping stories is acceptable.
• I have depression, anxiety, and ADHD.
• I am an empath.
• I am asocial, but I enjoy small groups of very well known individuals.
• I am introverted.
• I am insecure, and I get jealous.
• I am honest and straight forward.
• I am understanding and sacrificial.
• I am a peacekeeper.
• I work night shift 5 days a week. I don't have a sleep schedule, but I'm not able to reply all the time.

So Below
  1. No Godmoding or Auto-ing. You do not have control of the outcome of all of your character's actions or my characters. This also means that your character cannot dodge everything or hit everything they intend to hit or run from. Please, be realistic.
  2. No Metagaming unless otherwise discussed. This is when a character suddenly becomes knowledgeable of past personal or area histories, is able to assume truths without valid in character reason, or otherwise knowing the emotions/ thoughts/ future actions of other characters, without first discovering these through means of story.
  3. All of my roleplays/stories are about the story itself. I do not begin roleplays for gratuitous character needs. If you're coming to roleplay to be designated as the strongest, most badass, most beautiful, prettiest, most incredible character ever... please find someone else to write with, thank you.
  4. Bullying, harassment, guilt tripping, and/or condescending behaviours are not tolerated. If at any time I feel that I am being harassed, bullied, guilt tripped, or spoken down to during OOC conversations, or even through narrative descriptors in stories, I will immediately terminate the roleplay, report, and block. I will not give you a warning, an explanation, or tell you why. I do not owe you that courtesy.
  5. Be respectful and you will be respected. I am a stubborn dude, but I will not belittle, berate, or condescend your thoughts, ideas, or who you are as a person. I will not pester you for replies, and I will not be upset with you should you decide to leave the story behind without letting me know. The door for conversation is always open, but you are not required to continue idle chitchat, or stories, if you do not feel inclined to do so. I expect this in return.
  6. No unsolicited mature content. This is rather self-explanatory. If the story or I did not ask for it; don't send it.
  7. Have Common Sense. Use your common sense when you're involved in any story with me. If my character is noted for being a villain/chaotic, and you don't want your character to suffer injury/consequences then it might be best not to poke at said character as though they will not react.

As Within

This is a compiled list of things I love to have involved in my roleplays.

× Romance
× Action/Adventure
× High Fantasy
× Medieval Fantasy
× Sci-Fi Fantasy
× Futuristic Fantasy

× Big buff dudes being the big tough guys in a relationship, but secretly they're giant squishy teddy bears.
× Badass ladies that have to be romantically chased to realize it's okay to have a love life and still be the badasses that they are.
× Height Differences
× Unlikely friends become lovers
× Volatile Relationships

× Elder Scrolls
× Star Craft
× Mass Effect
× Halo
× Renaissance
× Heroes of the Storm
× Witcher
× Legend of Zelda
× World of Warcraft
× Original Universes

Fandoms/Universes I want to learn more about and also write in;
× Witcher
× Darksiders
× Dragon Age
× One Piece

Base Plots I will love until the end of time;
× Prisoner and Slaver/Jailer
× Stockholm Syndrome
× Unlikely Duo
× Enemies turned lovers
× Everything leads to romance

So Without

a0xuX8e.png Write smut based stories.
a0xuX8e.png Force you to write with me. I write for romance, and rarely do I include other types of stories. However, if this is not your cup of tea, you are not required to write with me.
a0xuX8e.png Write with anthropomorphic characters or furries. Shapeshifting into an animal is one thing, but anthro/furry characters are not my cup of tea.
a0xuX8e.png Write with anyone under the age of 18. This has nothing to do with anyone but past experiences.
a0xuX8e.png Write or read roleplays in 1st person. This brings far too personal a touch in to a story, and to me it feels as though it has a strong tendency to blur the line between writer and character. Too many times has it led to drama between myself and other writers and I refuse to allow it to happen again.
a0xuX8e.png Write for gratuitous validation. I am not here to validate your appearance or strength through your characters. You are a beautiful, strong, and incredibly powerful human being. You don't need a character to feel that way about yourself.
a0xuX8e.png Write with characters who have a blank or lacking profile. I cannot find interest in a character that is "all in ones head" because I'm not in your head. You need to give me something to catch my interest or I won't see anything worth writing with them.
a0xuX8e.png Write in the following universes; YuGiOh!, My Little Pony, Power Puff Girls, Teen Titans, Dragon Ball, Marvel, DC, and/or Harry Potter.
A gift from a friend. ♥

Rave Reviews

Yes! I have finally started to write with Nile, several stories to boot, and it was so worth the enjoyable and sneaky plotting which got me here! :D <3 This incredible sweet and caring person has created some amazing ladies and gents, and it is a delight to write with them and explore and tease out their multi-faceted personalities. Gimme all the IC romance and drama, Baby. <3 - DorianM
Nile can write romance like no other, lives for the slow burn & makes it come alive. The women he writes are strong willed, dare and do types that you can try and chase, but you better be ready to dust yourself off and try again. If you become friends with him, he will always have advice, be it a gentle hand or a rough one, because sometimes we need a person to tell us how it is. If it seems harsh, it's because he believes in you that much and is passionate and adamant that you can do better. xo - Demilicious

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