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Tam'nýer—a''s forums are a bright and inviting place for those that adore custom fantasy words, unique races, and fully fleshed cultures. We're itching for more writers to join our Tam Fam.

My name is Hades and I've been writing and roleplaying since I was about 11 or 12 years old. The world of fantasy and escapism is a place I find myself traveling to often. It's a manner of passing time, enjoying something new, or just generally getting a break from the real world and give myself a moment to clear my head from the chaos of every day life.

At this time I'm not entirely open to new RPs or friends. I need to focus on what I currently have at this time.

A gift from a Dove.

Rave Reviews

So, this kudos is actually long overdo. I've been meaning to write one for a while. This writer is just overall fantastic. I love his passion for his characters; it shows through his writing and it's adorable when he talks about them! You can really feel his love for what he does here. More than that, Hades is a strong and wonderful friend. He's very humble, which is a shame because he deserves to hold his head high and proud of how amazing he is. Keep doing you, Hades! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - SmileyChesh
Nile can write romance like no other, lives for the slow burn & makes it come alive. The women he writes are strong willed, dare and do types that you can try and chase, but you better be ready to dust yourself off and try again. If you become friends with him, he will always have advice, be it a gentle hand or a rough one, because sometimes we need a person to tell us how it is. If it seems harsh, it's because he believes in you that much and is passionate and adamant that you can do better. xo - Demilicious

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