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While I have just a few RPs here with a single user, I have mostly moved all my things to a private discord server and a new forum. If you're interested, come hither~

A gift from a friend.

Rave Reviews

I have known PrettySir for less than a year and already I consider him one of my closest and dearest friends. He is always there when I need him and cares so much. Seeing the creative thoughts that pour out of his mind is a treat beyond compare and I consider myself lucky to get the chance to simply write with this beautiful man, let alone be his friend. Never change Toasty, you're perfectly toasted. - Kruhee
So, this kudos is actually long overdo. I've been meaning to write one for a while. This writer is just overall fantastic. I love his passion for his characters; it shows through his writing and it's adorable when he talks about them! You can really feel his love for what he does here. More than that, Hades is a strong and wonderful friend. He's very humble, which is a shame because he deserves to hold his head high and proud of how amazing he is. Keep doing you, Hades! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - SmileyChesh

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