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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 28
  • Birthday: February 27

I'm an admin and writer for the group of Tam'nýer—a'. I have a handful of characters in the group that are looking for roleplays. We have incredibly talented writers and all of them are itching to find more members to enjoy the stories they put together and to see what new people will bring in. Please, come and join the fun!

Please talk to me before sending a friend request. No exceptions.
I do not have my PMs open to anyone under the age of 18. Sorry!

Hello! You can call me Nile. Other nicknames for me are Hades, Bean, Baiken, Crocodile, and Toast. You're welcome to address me with any of those!

I really love Elder Scrolls, Legend of Zelda, sappy ass love songs for character romances, and drama in my stories. I love writing dominant female characters getting to show their more vulnerable sides. It's a trope I'm a little too obsessed with, but it just really tickles my peach.
I spend a lot of my spare time gaming on Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft 2, and watching a ton of youtube.

Character's I am most interested in writing at the moment: Leader of Thieves and Wandering Samurai.

History: I have been roleplaying since I was nearly 10 years old playing around on MSN messengers, AIM, and later Myspace, Quizzilla, Facebook, Tumblr, and AniRp/RPdotme. I came here from a player made website that ended up getting far bigger than the administration team was capable of handling and unfortunately had to shut down. I admit my interest in online RPing has waxed and waned by website, and some people think I stopped writing for nearly a year, but I was extremely active on a different site at the time. However, with things in my personal life having taken such a strong turn for the better, my reply rates have improved vastly over the last year. I cannot say that this will not change, but I am in a long standing upswing at this time.

Are you curious?

I'm a rather "anti-social" introvert. I don't tend to reach out to people very often, and I often try and tell people I'm some irate asshole who isn't nice at all. I mean, to be fair, my husband has called me "caustic with a grin" when dealing with certain idiosyncrasies. I am told, contrary to my own belief, that I am an extremely nice person. However, I deliver hard truths with a great deal of passion and honesty. I don't like lying to my friends, sugar coating solutions, or just repeatedly saying "it's going to be okay," and not offering some form of advice or push to get someone to take care of themselves. I try my best not to shove my thoughts on people though, unless they've been asking or approach me about it personally. I never want to shove an opinion down someone's throat, no matter if I feel passionately right about it.

If you ask me for critiques on characters I can be bold, but I won't attack your character as though you can't write one at all. I'm not here to judge anyone, but I'm happy to help offer ideas of realism, cohesive patterns, and development. I love it, and I feel really good if my ideas are something that someone else agrees with and feels like they improved themselves. However, please understand that I won't suggest anything unless I get explicit permission or you come asking me for it. That being said, I would like to be given the same respect. If I didn't ask, then please don't offer it.

I will always be honest, and sometimes this honesty can be extremely harsh and sometimes even hurtful. However, my intentions are never to hurt someone. If you are hurt by something I have said then I expect you to tell me. I might view myself as an Empath, but I am not a mind reader and I won't pretend to be one either.

What's an Empath?
In fiction, an Empath is someone who can read the emotional or mental state of another being.

While the word itself is used primarily within fiction and among psychics, I believe it to be a real ability. Some people are simply better at reading people than others. In no way am I claiming to be a psychic, but I do tend to be right when I take in the "gut feeling" that I get when someone is speaking to me.

With my Empath abilities I can often see, feel, and 'communicate'(I use this term extremely lightly) with spirits. I'm highly spiritual and I believe in faeries, malicious spirits, good spirits, lost spirits, wisps, familiars, and other ghostly ghouls. If you have questions about this, I am more than happy to indulge in conversations.

Please don't take this as me claiming to be some kind of "medium" that gets ritualistic or anything like the televised Hollywood nonsense that's aired on "reality tv." This is more so just a heightened feeling that most people call "vibes" or "gut feelings" that I can usually interpret and read through other people. This is another reason why I become easily overwhelmed in crowded areas, and am often considered a "home body."

Still Curious?
Please know that everything I state as something I am battling with is diagnosed by a professional and not a speculation.

I tango with ADHD, occasionally belt it out with severe episodes of depression, and struggle to maintain the animal of anxiety trying to consume my very being. It is an uphill battle, I will admit, while I also struggle deeply with chronic pain caused by degenerated discs through my entire spine. I also have a love/hate relationship with my insomnia.

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder. It’s typically diagnosed in children, but adults can experience symptoms too. The symptoms are usually divided into categories of:
  • inattention, or in-ability to focus
  • hyperactivity-impulsivity, or the inability to stay still or control behavior

Symptoms of both types of ADHD

Inattentive symptoms include, but are not limited to;
  • struggling to follow instructions
  • appearing to not listen when spoken to
  • becoming confused easily
  • daydreaming or inability to pay attention
  • becoming easily distracted
  • having difficulty following through on tasks or assignments
  • losing or forgetting things or events

Hyperactivity and Impulsivity Symptoms include but are not limited to;
  • fidgeting or squirming
  • being unable to remain seated for long periods of time
  • talking nonstop
  • jumping around a room
  • saying inappropriate things without thinking
  • being impatient or rude
  • interrupting or butting into other people's conversations
  • having difficulty waiting your turn

I have been diagnosed with combination type, which includes both sets of symptoms with my ADHD that I have laid out for you under that cut. My ADHD is the leading cause of my depression, as with all of these symptoms, my mental state has a tendency to suffer while it struggles against anxiety and deeply rooted insecurities caused by trauma in my earlier development and teen years. I did, for a time, take medication for my ADHD symptoms, but after a few trial and errors, plus my doctor jumping ship from his office and disappearing into the wilds of Florida without warning any patients, I have become far more self-reliant on maintaining my symptoms.

Please do not relate ADHD to being like a dog, screaming out the names of objects or animals nearby, or assume that shiny objects can be as intoxicating as narcotics. Having ADHD is not some hilarious, cutesy, or adorkable condition. It is not fun.

The reasons that medication did not work for me. Please consult your own doctor about medications and do not take my experiences and reactions as a reason to avoid seeking professional help or medication. (Triggering mental disorder and eating disorder content below the cut).
While I was taking medication for my ADHD from the age of 8 to 16, I went through a couple of different variations and doses. However, my reaction to the medications, no matter the dosage or prescription, was largely the same. I suffered from personality loss, which is a medication symptom that removes the patients personality from their day to day activities. Effectively, I was a zombie. I have lost a wide range of memories from the years that I was medicated, as I was droning through each day, and losing sleep in some years. My medication exacerbated my insomnia, which I was diagnosed along with my ADHD at the age of 8.

This "zombie" state, essentially trapped me within my own thoughts, and I could not bring myself to speak out, ask for help, or find interest in playing. The more alarming side-effect of these medications was the spiral of suicidal thoughts. These ranged from episodes of severe mood-swings of anger, to a total act of desperation to escape reality. It was a truly intense time during the ages of 8-13, as I had extremely violent thoughts against myself without being able to properly speak out to my parents or doctor about them.

This also leads me to explaining how I also suffered from anorexia at the age of 10. One side-effect of my medication was a lack of appetite. It became severe enough that I stopped eating unless I was going to be punished by an authority figure for not doing so, and thus felt I had no choice. It was thanks to my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Russel, that I was saved. She took notice of my habits and expressed a great deal of worry, because she watched me rapidly lose weight and give away my favourite lunches. I was essentially surviving on chocolate milk and the occasional cookie, aside from dinner at home where I was forced to stay awake at the dinner table until I had eaten enough that my parents were satisfied. Because I was so young, I did not understand what I was being forced to do was to save my life, because I did not notice how much I was withering away. I had absolutely zero appetite, and I felt physically weak or nauseated when I attempted to feed myself anything other than milk. It was an extremely stressful time in my childhood, because I just simply did not understand.

When I was 15 or 16, we went to gain access to a refill for my medication, but my doctor had flown the coop. There was a pink notice on his door that he would no longer be accepting patients and had moved himself to Florida. I honestly take this as a blessing in disguise, because while I was devastated and worried about my grades, I found that I was capable of giving myself some form of discipline to keep myself afloat in school. Not nearly as well as the zombie version of myself, but definitely in a way that I could maintain new friendships, new tasks, and learn so much about myself in a rabid period of time.

Medication and I did not get along, but I did not get a chance to look through all the options that were available to me out there either. I was forced to quit medicating and had to improvise for myself. I adapted, and I succeeded. I still struggle with my symptoms, but I can maintain a healthy relationship, work life, and fun social activities without losing track of everything. Please, if you or a loved one might be feeling any of these symptoms, consult a physician and discuss your options. Most especially, PLEASE ask your kids what it is their head is putting them through. It's a struggle to get kids to open up, but if they trust that you're going to hear them and validate their thinking, then things can get so much better. I wish that my parents had been more attentive and asked me more questions, or tried harder to get me to open up.

Thank you for reading this portion if you did.


Discord: Upon request after we have talked a little bit first.
Work: I work 5 days a week, 8 hours a work day. I work the night shift from 11:30pm to 7:30am PST Wednesday Night through Sunday Night. I'm off on Monday and Tuesday.

Roleplay Status: Active. I currently reply at around 1 to 2 weeks. There are times where I have more inspiration or muse to reply more quickly. However, this also means that there are times where I have lost interest in my own muse and may take longer than the maximum of 2 weeks. If I have taken more than 2 and a half weeks to reply, then I will welcome a poke to see if everything is in order to be done. I have a busy work schedule, a busy home life, and I am an admin to a decently active group.

Active Threads: 24
Group Threads: 7
Replies Owed: 14

• I do not write with anyone under the age of 18. No exceptions.

• No erotica/smut based stories. If you're looking primarily for smut, then you need to look somewhere else.

• I will only RP in 3rd person. I cannot read/write roleplays in 1st person.

• No one-liner or one-word replies.

• No PVP/Tournament/Arena Based Stories

• I do not write with Anthro characters. I am simply squicked by snouts, muzzles, and paws. Fur, tails, ears, clawed fingers, and animal-like behaviours are okay.

• I have a strong dislike for writing male characters due to personal experiences that were quite unsettling. If you wish to write with one of my male characters and I say no, please do not take it personally.

• If you're not willing to communicate with me, then I'm not going to be interested in roleplaying with you.

• I like writing in multi-para, but I will occasionally writer just a little over a paragraph. I do not write less than one paragraph, and I'm not a fan of semi-paragraph.

Common Courtesy Rules
  1. No Godmoding or Auto-ing. You do not have control of the outcome of all of your character's actions or my characters. This also means that your character cannot dodge everything or hit everything they intend to hit or run from. Please, be realistic.
  2. No Metagaming unless otherwise discussed. This is when a character suddenly becomes knowledgeable of past personal or area histories, is able to assume truths without valid in character reason, or otherwise knowing the emotions/ thoughts/ future actions of other characters, without first discovering these through means of story.
  3. All of my roleplays/stories are about the story itself. I do not begin roleplays for gratuitous character needs. If you're coming to roleplay to be designated as the strongest, most badass, most beautiful, prettiest, most incredible character ever... please find someone else to write with, thank you.
  4. Bullying, harassment, guilt tripping, and/or condescending behaviours are not tolerated. If at any time I feel that I am being harassed, bullied, guilt tripped, or spoken down to during OOC conversations, or even through narrative descriptors in stories, I will immediately terminate the roleplay, report, and block. I will not give you a warning, an explanation, or tell you why. I do not owe you that courtesy.
  5. Be respectful and you will be respected. I am a stubborn dude, but I will not belittle, berate, or condescend your thoughts, ideas, or who you are as a person. I will not pester you for replies, and I will not be upset with you should you decide to leave the story behind without letting me know. The door for conversation is always open, but you are not required to continue idle chitchat, or stories, if you do not feel inclined to do so. I expect this in return.
  6. No unsolicited mature content. This is rather self-explanatory. If the story or I did not ask for it; don't send it.
  7. Have Common Sense. Use your common sense when you're involved in any story with me. If my character is noted for being a villain/chaotic, and you don't want your character to suffer injury/consequences then it might be best not to poke at said character as though they will not react.

What I absolutely love

This is a compiled list of things I love to have involved in my roleplays.

× Romance
× Action/Adventure
× High Fantasy
× Medieval Fantasy
× Sci-Fi Fantasy
× Futuristic Fantasy

× Big buff dudes being the big tough guys in a relationship, but secretly they're giant squishy teddy bears.
× Badass ladies that have to be romantically chased to realize it's okay to have a love life and still be the badasses that they are.
× Height Differences
× Unlikely friends become lovers
× Volatile Relationships

× Elder Scrolls
× Star Craft
× Mass Effect
× Halo
× Renaissance
× Heroes of the Storm
× Witcher
× Legend of Zelda
× World of Warcraft
× Original Universes

Fandoms/Universes I want to learn more about and also write in;
× Witcher
× Darksiders
× Dragon Age
× One Piece

Base Plots I will love until the end of time;
× Prisoner and Slaver/Jailer
× Stockholm Syndrome
× Unlikely Duo
× Enemies turned lovers
× Everything leads to romance

I'm not interested in these; change my mind;

These are things that I have either done too much of, never found real interest in, or just can't see the draw in them. If any of these are something that you are passionate about, please understand that absolutely nothing said below is a directed insult toward any person or persons. These are my opinions and I'm entitled to them. You are welcome to no longer be interested in writing with me should you read these and find them to be hurtful to you as a person. They aren't meant that way and I cannot change how I feel to better suit your needs. Have a nice day!

Modern Fantasy, I have done so much with Modern Day Fantasy that I leave it exclusive to my husband at this point. We have entire families dedicated to this setting, I can't be bothered to write it too.
Pokemon Verse, it's cute, but I can't see an adult sized draw to it. Oh no! Friends don't want to be your friends! Oh no! He's trying to steal your pokemon! OMG that guy works for an evil super genius that steals pokemon because he's a cruel dude to all the pokemon! AHHH. PIKAPIKA. I can't take it serious. Bulbasaur is my absolute favourite pokemon though, and that can't be changed.
J.R.R. Tolkein/ Lord of the Rings. I never read or watched the films. I've never seen anything about it more than memes, funny parody videos, and some songs. It was never something that caught my interest, and I honestly couldn't stay awake through the movies the times I did attempt to watch them.
Steampunk/Industrial Futuristic This stuff looks super cool, but as a genre I don't see the appeal. It's not my cup of tea, I just like the physical aesthetics of gears, bits and bobs, shiny bits, and cramming things together to create something. However, that is all I see as useful from it, and I do not understand the pull of an entire world based out like this and I feel it might be too strange for me to indulge in.
Apocalyptic/End of the World This is a neat setting, but I'm not a fan of zombies. 99.9% of the universes I've seen for this always include some sort of mutated, brain dead, flesh eatting zombie-like monsters. I love the concept, I love how it plays out in games like BioShock and Borderlands, but I am personally terrified of those kinds of creatures and can't stand them. I know there's a whole realm of zombie roleplayers out there, but you guys keep doing you. It ain't for me, but if you got one that's zombie/splicer/mutant free then we can try and talk about it.

Never Will I ever

a0xuX8e.png Write smut based stories.
a0xuX8e.png Force you to write with me. I write for romance, and rarely do I include other types of stories. However, if this is not your cup of tea, you are not required to write with me.
a0xuX8e.png Write with anthropomorphic characters or furries. Shapeshifting into an animal is one thing, but anthro/furry characters are not my cup of tea.
a0xuX8e.png Write with anyone under the age of 18. This has nothing to do with anyone but past experiences.
a0xuX8e.png Write or read roleplays in 1st person. This brings far too personal a touch in to a story, and to me it feels as though it has a strong tendency to blur the line between writer and character. Too many times has it led to drama between myself and other writers and I refuse to allow it to happen again.
a0xuX8e.png Write for gratuitous validation. I am not here to validate your appearance or strength through your characters. You are a beautiful, strong, and incredibly powerful human being. You don't need a character to feel that way about yourself.
a0xuX8e.png Write with characters who have a blank or lacking profile. I cannot find interest in a character that is "all in ones head" because I'm not in your head. You need to give me something to catch my interest or I won't see anything worth writing with them.
a0xuX8e.png Write in the following universes; YuGiOh!, My Little Pony, Power Puff Girls, Teen Titans, Dragon Ball, Marvel, DC, and/or Harry Potter.



A gift from a friend. ♥

Rave Reviews

  • Yes! I have finally started to write with Nile, several stories to boot, and it was so worth the enjoyable and sneaky plotting which got me here! :D <3 This incredible sweet and caring person has created some amazing ladies and gents, and it is a delight to write...
    -- DorianM
  • Here I am once more needing to tell the world how freaking amazing this man is. Nile is sweeter than sugared peaches and one of the strongest people I know. He's always there to help, always there to listen, always there to be a friend. With writing that will blow...
    -- Kruhee

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