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Well here are the basics about myself, to get the curiosity out of the way.
    I am a writer, well trying my best to be.
    I am a very creative person.
    I am open and very direct but please NO personal questions.

Now to the RP.
    I am not new to RP, but I am new to the online forums
    I am game and open to almost anything if I don't like something I will let you know.
    Please, when doing actions, pretty please make sure your anatomy is correct, or your descriptions make sense. I promise to do the same.
    I give what I get, I enjoy detail and long paragraphs, don't be shy!
    18+ don't mind it.
    I am heavy against any form of abuse, mental, physical and emotional

Unfortunately, since I work on my PC during the day, I do get tired of working on it during my evenings and weekends (Sometimes), so I do apologise in advance if I take too long to respond.

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