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"the elements are reconciled,
night has stretched out and its body is a powerful river of sudden sleep,
we rock in the waves of its breathing,
the hour is tangible,
we can touch it like a fruit."

-Octavio Paz, I Speak of the City.

Hello, I am Harbinger, welcome to my profile.

I've been roleplaying for quite some time now, on-and-off for 5 or so years. I've learned a lot through those years and grown in both writing competency and character creation. I'm glad to be here and spend some more time doing what I love with a fresh environment and new typists!

I've always enjoyed writing freeform, mostly with one other writer; I'm still rather new to group RPs. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are some of my favorites, of course, but I enjoy Western when it's dashed into either. I mean... who can say no to space cowboys? Or witch cowboys!

I'm busy often, but if I'm away for longer than 2 days I will notify you. We all have real lives, so I dont expect undying attention from any of my partners, and I'm very understanding when it comes to any needs I have to accommodate for. I've been known to wait months for another partner's return.

I'm very understanding.

Have any questions or comments? My inbox is open to any and everyone.

You can also contact me at

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