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Please call me Ran! I'm a 28 year old cisgender female. I consider myself to be queer, which is a short way to say that I'm demisexual with a preference for females. I've been writing pretty much for as long as I can remember and actively role playing since I was about 10 years old. I love high fantasy, sci-fi, romance, historical, drama - really, you name it and I love it.

Though role playing and writing are my main hobbies, I am also an active player of several SIM games, including Horse Reality and Torn. I own the in-development SIM called Feranix. Feel free to ask about it! I am hoping to be able to get back to riding horses this year at some point, once it-that-shall-not-be-named ends. I also play a few video games, including WolfQuest, Ark: Survival Evolved, Dawn of Man, and will be playing Rival Stars soon. I'm really just a giant dork who loves playing games and that's pretty much me!

I’m always looking to make new friends and love chatting with people. You don’t even need to rp with me in order to talk to me - just send me a DM!

Personal Info

In addition to being a role player, I am also currently writing a novel called Asunder, based in a land where horses are the dominant species and epic battles are waged by the forces of good and evil. Asunder has a currently inactive Patreon that I'm intending to revamp soon as well as a Discord server. Feel free to ask for either!

I take writing commissions via Fiverr and will also take commissions here via DMs. I cannot write fanfiction due to legal reasons but I would love to write a story for you all the same! Feel free to DM me here or on Fiverr and let's make some magic happen!

I love writing, I love role playing, and I love meeting new people. Always feel free to send me a DM. I'm active on my personal tumblr here as well as a role play blog for Primo Nizzuto of FX's Trust, who I can easily move to here if so desired! I'm happy to bring in old characters of mine or make new ones for role play. Wanna plot? Just send me a DM!

Rules for Interacting
  • IC does not equal OOC
    The mun is not her characters and the characters are not the mun. Most of my characters are geared towards darker actions and personalities and might commit atrocities. I do not condone any of these actions nor do my views align with those of my characters.
  • Writing Styles
    I use what is commonly known as “purple prose,” which is a term I abhor but is the most commonly known term for this type of writing. I write very flowery prose with a lot of different words. If that is something you are not interested in reading, I am not the role player for you. I will not tolerate hate on my style of writing. I will not change my writing for anyone. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea for you.
  • Zero Tolerance Role Player
    I do not tolerate harassment, rudeness, deliberate malice, or OOC drama. Leave it at the door. I’ve been in this too long to tolerate it.
  • Be kind
    Please do not harass me for replies or for role play. Please be polite when speaking with me and I will be polite as well. I love making friends but I am not here to be constantly bothered for role play. I am an adult with an active life. I also struggle with anxiety and depression; some days I simply cannot reply or be overly active. Please respect that.
  • No Possessive Behavior - Ever
    I am always going to be role playing with multiple people. That is the nature of the game. Please do not try to possess or “collect” me. I’ve had issues with this in the past and that sort of behavior is a serious trigger for me. I do not belong to you. Do not try to possess me.
  • Respect the Big Three Rules
    No powerplaying, no godmodding, no metagaming. If I have to explain these, I may not be the role player for you.
  • Mun Availability
    For the time being, I am unemployed and therefore will be around daily for long periods of time. I am intending on working from home and expect to have time to be around for at least chatting as well. I am in Central Standard Time in the United States.
  • Triggers, Likes, and Dislikes
    The only two triggers I have are animal abuse and spiders and both of those are more prevalent in pictures. I have no triggers in writing. Not only that, but it does not bother me to portray graphic violence, drug abuse, sexual, mental, and physical abuse, and many other "taboo" topics. There are some specific actions that I will not play out but am comfortable referencing in and out of character. I am 100% fine with darker role play topics though I will require that these be kept private either via DMs here or via Discord. I prefer more serious, plot-driven role play as a general rule; I tend to dislike softer, more comedic plots.
  • Minors - Do Not Interact
    I am deeply uncomfortable interacting with minors and really anyone under the age of 21. If you are under the age of 21, I am probably not going to respond to your DMs or friend requests. Please do not try to conceal your age from me. I will not write explicit content of any sort with anyone who is unwilling to at least give me a general range for their age. There are no exceptions.
  • No random friend requests
    I do not accept friend requests that come out of the blue. Talk to me first.
  • Rule Changes
    These rules may change at any time without any notice. These rules apply to all characters.
Preferences and Characters
I have dozens of canon characters that I can play at any given point and love creating new ones. The chances are, if I don’t have a character that would suit an idea, I can make one within a couple days easily enough. As it is, here are a list of fandoms I’ve role played in as well as some characters from those fandoms that I can play:

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Loki, Bucky Barnes)
X-Men Cinematic Universe (Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto)
Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts (Draco Malfoy, the real Percival Graves)
Spooks/MI5 (Lucas North, numerous Original Characters)
A Song of Ice and Fire (Theon Greyjoy)
Dishonored (The Outsider, Jessamine Kaldwin)
Once Upon A Time (Captain Killian Jones/Captain Hook)
The Black Tapes Podcast (Doctor Richard Strand, Simon Reese)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Vladimir Makarov)
Peaky Blinders (Tommy Shelby)
Trust on FX (Primo Nizzuto)
Lucifer (Lucifer Morningstar)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (The Pharaoh, Dark Bakura, Joey Wheeler)
American Horror Story: Apocalypse (Michael Langdon)
Reign (Sebastian de Poitiers)
The Old Guard (Nicolo di Genova, Andromache the Scythian, Sebastian le Livres)
Breaking Bad (Jesse Pinkman)

I am, for the most part, willing to consume new media in order to see if there is a character that jumps out at me. However, if I cannot easily access it (either via Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+) or if it requires me to buy something outright, I will likely turn it down. I am very bad at listening to podcasts - my ADHD generally will not allow it except in a few specific circumstances so don’t be surprised if I reject a podcast.

Insofar as original characters, I probably have hundreds of them. I’ve been role playing for nearly twenty years and in the time have had a lot of characters. I do not think I could buy enough slots on here to ever house them all. Most of my more active original characters are connected to the BBC show Spooks/MI5 and played within that universe but can be adapted otherwise. I am working on a document that will work as a quick guide to all of my characters: watch this space.

I prefer lengthy plots that are built on more than just random encounters, though I do also love the spontaneity of random encounters, too. I am not likely to play “crack” role play, or role play for simple comedic effect, as I prefer darker, more established plots as a general rule. I enjoy doing role play that pushes my limits, be it in scenarios my characters have never been in before or dark and dangerous scenarios. I am generally fine with whatever setting but I do like to do some research on historical settings beforehand.

If you approach me for role play, please have some sort of idea as to what you want to do, even if it is as vague as “our characters meet.” I’m happy to help flesh ideas out but please at least have something in mind first.

As likely noticed in the list above, I prefer to play male characters, though I do have a few female characters as well. I am also fond of playing characters with rich backstories and who have struggled. I am completely comfortable portraying a variety of mental illnesses in role play and also happy to help offer aid and research for anyone wanting to portray mental illnesses better in their own role play. I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology, so that is what I studied for.

I am also fine doing feral role play with horses and wolves. I’ve also done Warrior Cat role play in my time as well and very much enjoyed it. Feel free to reach out about that.

Literacy Proof
As stated elsewhere, I have been role playing for nearly two decades. I consider myself to be extremely literate. As such, I will ask for writing samples from you and provide them in turn so that you can decide if my writing is something you are willing to play against. As a note, I am very unlikely to turn your writing down just because it is not the same as mine; however, as stated in my rules, I will not alter my writing style to cater to your needs. If you are unable to follow my writing, I am not the role player for you.

You are always welcome to DM me over RPR.
My Discord is available upon request after we have spoken here or on Furcadia a few times.
My main on Furcadia is Ranjit. I usually hang out in Furrabian Nights and I am whisper-friendly.

If you have any questions or just wanna talk, feel free to reach out!

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