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what you e x p e c t

what you g e t

gay as heck and it's not a phase MOM

please respect my desire to remain anonymous on some characters, tyvmaia
i will reveal who i play as i see fit

witch in the streets

sub in the sheets

Rave Reviews

I have known Harley for yeaaaaars. She may very well be one of the people I have kept in contact the longest with on Furcadia. I am so glad that she popped back into my life again and it is wonderful to see her around. Her characters are amazing and a pleasure to RP with. Harley has a no-nonsense attitude and will give it you straight, but underneath it all she really is a doll. <3 - Dylan
Over the last couple of months Harley and I have become fast friends. Starting with casual role play to much more. Her honesty and take no shit attitude is inspiring, and despite how hard or mean her characters seem she is utterly caring and sweet. The creativity she puts into her characters is like no other, so if you ever get to roleplay with her I highly recommend it! - Essie

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    I don't know what I was doing before I met Harley. A chance meeting in rp to having someone who has become a fast and close friend. I really don't know what I would do without her. WIth her straight to the point attitude she is always looking out for her friends the best way possible. She always is excited for what is in store for our characters, and more than that there's always levels of depth to every story. I wish I had known this woman for longer I got a lot of catching up to do! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer
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