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Soul and I haven't written together, but I'm super happy to call him my friend. I enjoy the laughs, the banter, and the overall fun when we get to hang out with the rest of the group. I hope to see him writing and enjoying himself here on RPR very soon! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Hadeslicious
While it's been hard to get this boi to get going on a story, I can tell Soul is itching to start something and very interested in other people's own writing. I'd really push for people to give Soul a pass by or a hello. I dunno how long I've known him, but he's still around long enough for me to lose track, so that should say something about how worth it it's been to know him. A lot of people have turned him away, and I'd say they missed out. Great sense of humor Long-term partner - SmileyChesh

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