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RP Status: 21st March - As some may know, I work in the NHS. To say we're busy... is an understatement. I am non-clinical, but every waking hour is spent supporting my colleagues who are working so hard during the crisis. I've not had a full day off since 1st March. This is unlikely to change until things return to normality.
Very sorry for the delays - understand if people want to stop writing due to them! Just PM me if so!

Status: Character profiles a task for the future due to busy work/home life.
Definitely not taking further partners (unless we've been in discussions previously).

GJLHTnx.png I've started organising my profile a little (special thanks to Mintelle for the help!) Next will be character profiles... eek.

PM-friendly - feel free to message me (before sending a friend request!)

About me:
My name is Heidi – I may change it one day, but settling on a name that isn't my own is tricky. At my old RP site, I used 'Coma' more often than not (after my longest-running character who hasn't quite made his debut here yet)... but there are other names I use elsewhere which are also possibilities.

I'm slightly awkward socially due to shyness and lack of confidence. It can take me a while to warm up to and relax with new people. Please do forgive me if I come across as a little odd or random – it'll be my strange attempt to find common ground, especially with people I've not spoken to before. It's something I'm trying to work on.

I've been roleplaying for more than 20 years (and writing stories since I learnt how to write). I love the creative aspect of it and use it as a form of escapism. I have somewhere in the region of 70+ characters who mostly inhabit realms of my creation; but they are quite fond of exploring! One day, when I fix the profiles of my current characters uploaded, more of them will appear on RPR.

Other than roleplaying and writing, I enjoy spending time with my fiance and our pets (a cat and two rabbits) and playing computer games.

RP Preferences:
Primarily I enjoy writing dark fantasy, but do dabble in other sorts of RP now and then (aside sci-fi – I'm really terrible at it). I tend to prefer quite long posts, ranging from a few paragraphs to novella length if the muse strikes. I usually seek long-term RP with plenty of character and story development – OOC plotting and scheming is a must!

I prefer writing with people who can offer more than a few sentences to work with. If you can only offer one-word or one-line responses, I'm not the writer for you but wish you all the best – you do you and enjoy yourself!

I don't pretend to be the best writer in the world; but I enjoy proper spelling and grammar (of course, the occasional mistake is unavoidable – it'll certainly happen to me on occasion!)

Writing schedule:
My response schedule might be a little sporadic. I'll do my best to respond as quickly as I can; but I do have a very demanding full-time job and a busy personal life! I'll certainly let you know if there might be a delay in response (check my status at the top of my profile!) I understand if that puts people off – no hard feelings.

Character pictures and profiles
I truly wish I could draw and paint - but I can't. Therefore, until I can commission artists, my characters will be represented by pictures that resemble them - I will, of course, remove pictures on request of the artist/owner with full apologies as I truly don't want to 'steal' or cause offence. For now, it's my only option other than having question mark icons or, worse, really badly drawn stick figures. I have a preference for realistic art / photos and so that makes things a bit more difficult. I am slowly commissioning artists – although have to juggle stupid adulthood with its bills and responsibilities with such things.

I'm starting to work on character profiles! I know, I know... still bare bones even after a year of membership here. I'm truly terrible at coding... but I'm going to be experimenting more. First step is overhauling my personal profile, so I've made a start I guess!

I prefer for some things to become clear in the RP, but while my profiles suck, do feel free to ask questions about any character(s) via PM as I have been playing all of those uploaded for 10-15 years and they are fully-developed despite appearances. Before you judge me too harshly for the terribleness of my profiles, my last RP home didn't even have them! All this is new and a huge undertaking for someone who doesn't even know how to get text to bold or italic without useful clicky-buttons...

Ghosting and other 'rules' to writing with me:
Ghosting: If we do start writing together, please do let me know if you'd like a break or to stop. I won't be offended - in fact, my feelings will be very hurt and I'll worry about you if you just vanish without a peep. This is especially true if you just stop communicating and vanish to the next interesting opportunity/person without at least saying you've lost interest. No one likes being a 'flavour of the month'...
I'm afraid, if you ghost me without a word, I'm very unlikely to want to write with you again - it doesn't mean I don't like you, just that my low self-confidence is hesitant to trust again!
On a side note - I won't ghost you, although it may take me some time to respond due to work. Do feel free to nudge/check up on me. :)

Romance - I'm not the biggest fan of romance-centred writing and certainly don't write smut for the sake of it. Please bear this in mind when approaching me. A great deal of my characters are unlikely to fall head over heels - particularly straight off the bat.

Godmoding - Please no. I'm a strong believer that no character is all-powerful. Everything and everyone has a weakness, regardless as to whether they are human, demon, angel, vampire, God, alien, faerie... you get the picture. It's boring to have characters with nothing to them but unbeatable strength and power - it's cool if you enjoy them, but I really don't and will decline to write with them.

C&E (cause and effect) - Please don't control my characters - I've played them for a very long time and I really don't like my say over them to be taken away. In return, I obviously promise not to control your characters! In particular: please don't announce what happens to my character in a situation. I prefer being able to have a choice of what happens. I am, of course, open to discussion - just speak to me OOC before having your character grab or punch mine! I'll likely agree to it, but it's polite to give a head's up!

Rave Reviews

While I haven’t RPed with Heidi in a quite some time I have the pleasure of saying we have talked OOC. They are an absolutely darling person to get to know, being kind, generous with their time, understanding and absolutely brilliant. They are funny and salty in all the right ways and all our interactions have left me smiling. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Kruhee
What wonderful things I have to say about Heidi!
She is a remarkable writer with fantastic vision and gripping emotion. I enjoy the way she puts words together. She is inspiring and I am grateful for our shared experience. Heidi makes writing an enchanting experience that you'll value tremendously! 👍👍❤❤💪💪😊😊 - StormDancer

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