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Hey, I'm Heidi!
I enjoy working and playing with the wide variety of OC and characters the internet world brings. With that being said I have a vast plot of characters myself. Some have backstories, some are still mostly WIPS, others were simply created to be side pieces, but every single one of them has their own charm and personality. And trust me when I say that I have more then what most web pages can hold.
I never shy away from a good story with adventure, horror, or even romance. I love blood, gore, and getting down to gross details. I most defiantly don't like to fade to black if the plot gets dirty. However, don't let that scare you, I am a very adaptable to others needs, likes, and dislikes. After all, roleplay is an escape from our everyday lives and I would much rather make our stories worthwhile and fun!

-I will respond within a day or two. If I can't respond within that time I will let you know!!
-I am in MST and will most likely post during the evenings.
-I am not a person who can write a novel (I respect those who can) but I will at least do a paragraph or two and I do try to do proper periods, enough detail, and spelling in to my responses.
-I write in 3rd person.
-I don't bite. Occ chat and questions are always welcome!

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Heidi writes characters that are both compelling and fun! They are unique, exciting and make the RP something that I look forward to. You will really enjoy everything Heidi brings to an RP! - RandomThought

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