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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Androgynous
  • Birthday: August 28

Hi! I'm Heimdall, a burly, artist-y, dragon-y type of person with a BS in computer science. I mostly do leatherwork, but I also do illustration (digital and traditional), writing, 3D printing, copper electroplating, bone/horn/antler carving, and the occasional webtool too. My studio name is A Thousand Rasps, from the Icelandic saying Þúsundþjalasmiður, meaning "smith of a thousand rasps" or "jack of all trades."

I'm interested in heavy metal (primarily folk metal), medieval music and politics, well-thought-out low fantasy settings, art, Norse mythology, weight training, and worldbuilding. Like everyone and their mother, I'm writing a novel series. It's called Heartseeker and I love to chatter on about it. Also, I'm married to a cool guy.

Some of my RP occurs on a fantastic MMORPG called Furcadia--I also do occasional art or software development for the game, and I enjoy building sweet maps!

If you like my characters or just want to chat, drop me a line! I mostly RP realistic low fantasy but I'll venture into high fantasy and Renaissance settings as well. I would love to get back into Star Trek-ish scifi. I will never RP "slice of life," and probably not modern settings either.

Rave Reviews

  • Heim is actually very sweet and helpful, and writes seriously interesting characters, too. And the art! Seriously freaking amazing artist.
    -- Verainne
  • Heimdall's Dice, both in and outside Furcadia, is my favorite dice rolling style out of all the forum adventures I play in. I play many games but I rarely start my own. But this has changed!

    As a base, Heimdall's Dice is perfect to build upon and to create different...
    -- Miss

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