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Hey yall, its me Helix, aka Helix-Wing if you go around Deviantart, which is where I do most of my RPing. Come check out my artwork

To chat-rp with me, just message me and I'll link you to a chatroom (must have a Deviantart account for this)

I can also IM rp through Yahoo, message helices_rp

FINALLY...if theres no instant-form of RP you can do, I'm always happy to get messages.

Note: All character art in my profiles is done BY ME and may not be saved and used later by YOU. If you like it, go to my Deviant Art and fav it, but dont try and reuse it for your characters.

Yahoo: helices_rp
DA: Helix-Wing
y!Gal: helixwing

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One of the earliest supporters of the site, and for a long time, one of the most active, helpful and friendly. I don't know where Helix is these days, but I have not forgotten at all, and often think fondly of Helix and Helix's characters. Miss you! - Kim

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