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Guess who's back?! That's right!! IT'S MEEEE!!!

Anyways-- *cough cough* I'm here to just make friends and have fun!

I do have my preferences, but I'll do any roleplay I'm asked of! ^^

I hope we can be friends!! :P
(Please don't be angry if I disappear for a short while, I have a lot going on in my life too y'know! I try my best to stay up to date)

Rave Reviews

This wonderful being of a person is so nice and funny and I just love talking to them. I cannot express in words the joy our roleplays bring to me because there is always a little weird element that makes me think. She's just too creative and she puts a lot of effort into her response and her characters. 10000/10 show them love!!~

:3 - lolpopsxxx
I really don’t know how to explain how cool she is but she’s just straight up awesome! I also just love the roleplay that we’re currently doing although I don’t respond that fast which I must apologize for she’s a funny and interesting person to roleplay with! :3 - LarryBandzIV

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