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Being a huge fan of the fantasy genre, probably my favourite tabletop RPG is Dungeons and Dragons. The lore, the dungeons, the dragons. It's all very enticing and gives you plenty of scope to do things out of the ordinary.

Some of the more interesting RPGs I've played include World of Darkness and Paranoia. The latter being thoroughly amusing as we all desperately try not to be ousted as a communist mutant traitor, whilst all being communist mutant traitors.

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If you want to RP with someone who is incredibly good at setting the scene then this is your man. He is fully able to describe a world/place/building so well that you can envision it perfectly.
His posts are always incredibly well written and he responds very quickly as well. - Lianoth
This wonderful individual right here is by far one of my best partners. He takes it very seriously and illustrates a scene so well. His writing skills are top notch and the way he arranges is vocabulary is spectacular! I highly recommend that you roleplay with this man. He is just amazing. - GeniuslyGenius

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