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Hello! Thank you for visiting

I have been Roleplaying for a long time so I have a lot of characters. Most of them I won't have profiles for, but I will pick my favorites to work with and grow as you might see eventually and I will leave spaces for requested profiles (If you really want to rp with a character and would like a visual for them. If I do this for you please don't just vanish, it makes me saaad)

If you were wondering, I do rp with smut, but it's better if we can build some kind of history between our characters at some point. I am very into the storyline of things. ((I know most of my guys are gay, I'll add more later)) I am also big on OOC communication, it helps a lot. Please don't ask me to rp nothing but sex, please I, like I can't lol
Any suggestions are welcome. I am fluent in character building and fantasy rps as well as dark themed rps here and there. I do have depression and insomnia and therefor probably wont respond every day, but I will do my best. I will be fully understanding of any and pretty much all delays from a partner in return. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions my dms are open.

What I will rp

-Smut, mostly within the story with an exception to short term rps
-Dark rps, things like sensitive topics, light and reasonable violence(Mixed in to the story of course), darker creatures like wendigo, post apocalyptic scenes, etc.
-Fantasy, things like dragons, vampires & werewolves, mixed magic, creating worlds and rules within reason, etc
- Warm and fuzzy rps, pretty self explanatory, but this can be friends or more than that
-Descriptive, mixed paragraphs per what's needed in the scene and shorter responses are okay too as long as their descriptive. I won't judge for typos and things like that, just try your best
-First person, please
-rough, meaner characters will be used with acceptations

Things I won't RP

-Bestiality, ever. No bathroom talk, underage, vore stuff. nothing gross. no ruler/master type places, like teachers, I won't add all of the details here but you can ask for specifics.
-Abuse. this might have exceptions in some cases, details will follow the rp ideas. but never ask me to rp super forcefully (If you know what I mean. it can happen just don't ask me to do it)
-1st person. my brain doesn't work that way, I'm sorry
- One liners. or people who don't put much effort into writing. I can't keep up the passion to write back for these as much as I try to. you don't have to be an A+ writer, just try enough to make full sentences and decent grammar.

that's all for now, thank you for reading! Looking forward to meeting more partners and possibly friends in the future

Rave Reviews

Idek where to start with this to be honest because there is so much I can say about Hez. They have been one of the most patient, friendly, and creative partners I've had. I am so appreciative of them and love our two characters together. What I love most is Hez's ability to drive the rp and keep it fresh. They are also very fair and considerate as far as exchanging ideas. I could probs go on and on about what a great player they are and on top of that they are super friendly. ILY buddy <3 - Thegreatunknown
Oh my gosh I absolutely love this guy, his character is so well fleshed out and personable, I love him too lol. We've been roleplaying for some time now and I feel like we could just keep going for so much longer, he brings so much to the story. His replies are wonderful to read and I always get excited to see them, he's a great partner to have :D Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - BooMcGee

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