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Hiero | He/him/his | 20+ | Disabled/Chronically ill | Luciferian |

Please be patient if I'm slow to respond I'm frequently unwell and have memory problems, if you're worried I've forgotten don't feel bad about poking me <3

Rave Reviews

Amazing admin, amazing person, and amazing writer. There's really nothing I could say that could do this person honest justice. Whenever they make a character, a plot, or have an idea; I just know it's going to be amazing. I'm so lucky to know this person. Kind and understanding Helpful - Cromagus410
In the time I have known Hierophant, they have shown to be many things, chief of which are a great writer, a great editor/image expert, and a great friend. I cannot begin to properly describe how thoughtful and creative they are and how much I admire them for homebrewing a whole section of lore. They are a brilliant and irreplaceable member of WoD and I couldn't imagine our group without them. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - RoseyProsey

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