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Hi, you can call me Hiero. He/his I'm 20+ I'm in university, and I draw sometimes. I'm somewhat nocturnal, so I've got weird hours.

I like to communicate and be upfront about things, I've got a high tolerance for dark themes within reason. I like to write a lot, I don't mind partners not matching lengths but I do expect some effort in return, one liners and two paragraphs aren't my thing. If my chars interest you hit me up. I don't bite unless the stars tell me :')

* I'm disabled and deal with chronic pain, if I'm silent for a few days its because of my health, I'll get back to you, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just sometimes not well enough or in too much pain to muster writing anything.

Rave Reviews

I don’t think I can properly express my appreciation for this human in just 500 text characters XD

Hiero is an absolute wonder to write with. He’s easy to talk to, his characters are always so fun, unique and well-written. I await each reply with the same eagerness as I did the first! Interactions always feel natural and never forced, he’s always down for my ideas and enjoys my dumb memes! If you get the chance, do get a story going with him, you won’t regret it! :3 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - vera_niko
Where do I even staaart?! I absolutely LOVE Hiero's sense of humor, he has never failed to make me laugh. His creativity is inspiring, the characters Hiero has made so far are very unique and interesting, but there's always this spice of humor in their personalities, which only gives them more dimension, and so is his writing style.

Not to mention the fact with his contribution to the group. He really is a treasure :3 Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Queen_of_Hell

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