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Schedule is shaky, can't guarantee timely responses.

DO NOT PANIC! My characters 100+ are all still alive and well on RPR. I will never delete them on you. I have decided to put them Anon, as the list was very daunting for individuals to go through. If you are interested in RPing, please send me a message with the type of RP you are looking for. I will let you know if I have anything that might interest you!

Not taking anything at the moment.

Rave Reviews

Highjinx is awesome to RP with! Bursting with ideas, and awesomesauce characters, the trouble isn't finding a character to play with, it's finding just one! - Strangedisease
I met Jinx through RPR and boy was I glad I did! She is a wonderful artist with such a vivid imagination. She really brings your characters to life through her magic. As an added bonus she is wicked fun to RP with! She has such a vast amount of characters and so many well thought out ideas you can't help but enjoy the stories you create together. - TornBySanity

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