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Schedule is shaky, can't guarantee timely responses.

DO NOT PANIC! My characters 100+ are all still alive and well on RPR. I will never delete them on you. I have decided to put them Anon, as the list was very daunting for individuals to go through. If you are interested in RPing, please send me a message with the type of RP you are looking for. I will let you know if I have anything that might interest you!

Not taking anything at the moment.

Rave Reviews

This wonderful artist here is good at just about everything! (Except taking compliments perhaps). All of her characters are very well thought out with back stories for the readers entertainment and details that just bring the character alive in your mind. Plus she does amazing work drawing those characters (as well as other peoples!) and bringing you face to face with the image she'd painted with words. Plus who doesn't want a snuggly snow leopard for a friend when you need great cuddles!? - TornBySanity
Herro! I want to RP with Jinx so bad but I haz not yet. She's so considerate of others even when she's busy!! I hope I get the honor of actually RPing with you Jinx! <3 - DontBeTrippin

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