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Schedule is shaky, can't guarantee timely responses.

DO NOT PANIC! My characters 100+ are all still alive and well on RPR. I will never delete them on you. I have decided to put them Anon, as the list was very daunting for individuals to go through. If you are interested in RPing, please send me a message with the type of RP you are looking for. I will let you know if I have anything that might interest you!

Not taking anything at the moment.

Rave Reviews

Highjinx has an array of extremely deeply developed characters. Just reading through their profiles, you feel like you know them before your first post. She's an extremely talented writer and it shows in every piece of our RPR experience with her! Not only that, but she does her homework! She's very knowledgeable on what's important to her characters and it shows. - f0x1nth3b0x
Jinx is am amazingly talented artist and a super friendly person. I love roleplaying with her and just chatting. She has extremely well laid out profiles that make it easy and fun to find out information on her characters. - f0x1nth3b0x

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