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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: September 24

JoJo ll 18 years old ll Central Time

please talk to me ooc before sending a friend request. I'm shy :)

Reply Status: Unmotivated, but still replying if possible :) please bear with me and my inability to write.

Personal status: HaNgInG iN tHeRe....


My characters are a constant work in progress and are always being developed more, some of my characters are a bit bare-bones and need a lot of work, and some are super developed. It honestly depends.

I usually RP on my phone, so I apologize if my replies are lacking. I have no personal laptop. I do have a school computer, but I will rarely use that to write a response. Sorry if my replies are shorter, it's difficult to write on a phone. Thank you for understanding.

Here is my Prompts Masterthread

My Music Thread

I do disappear from rps sometimes. If I did so to you. I'm very sorry. I'm working on being a better communicator.


ThatSinfulLiar made me an amazing profile pic, though I'm no longer using it as of now. Hikari_Profile_Image.png
It's a little portrait of me. :) Thank yoooou. <3 I love.

I recently got a new Icon from DarkCrow and I adore it!


My favorite song currently

About me, if you want to look...

Well, a couple facts about me is that I love cute, fluffy animals and chocolate (preferably milk chocolate) and I have quite a sweet tooth. I'm a published author (but looking back at my book it kinda sucks but hey, it was written in a month so what do you expect) and you can find my book the summoner on Amazon or here

It's my first book and I'm proud of it.

I'm also working on my second book, (though it's not in the same series as the first) and that one is having a lot of thought put in it...and it's a blast to write.

My hobbies are Writing, RPing and reading, as well as watching youtube (usually gaming videos).

Youtubers I watch: VanossGaming, Markiplier (not as much anymore) Mini Ladd (my king), Kubz scouts (my other king) and BasicallyIdoWork (not as much. He became fortnight trash. Though I do occasionally peak at his Minecraft uploads). I also Enjoy Mangs and Mekkah quite a bit. Both great fire emblem YouTubers.

RP's I love to do:

Romance, Adventure, Action, hurt/comfort.

Settings I can do

Modern or medieval or slightly futuristic.

RP Style:

In RPs I typically write to 2-3 para. But I can do 6 if I focus really hard. Never script format. I don't really like it. Also, I use third person. In addition,
I will attempt, note the word attempt, to match my partner's length.

RP Rules For Me

1. First and foremost I want everyone to have an enjoyable experience. If at any time an RP is losing it's mojo, tell me. I want to be able to work out why so we can continue.

2. No dice, or little usage of dice. I don't understand it. (yes I did look at the page, still no good, if someone knows, educate me plz)

3.Give me something to work with. I'll do my best to return the favor.

4.PM RP's please. Forum is scary for me

5. I'll try respond within a week at longest. If I don't give you a response, or even a word of explanation, I'm probably busy/sick, feel free to give me a little nudge/send me a message if I take too long. In fact, please do nudge me.

6. If you want to kill off/permanently maim my character please, let's talk about it first.

Thank you!

Role play Guilty Pleasures

Well, for some reason I absolutely LOVE doing these things in a RP. Some of it is Cliche trash, but I cant help but love it to death.

1.Vampires and their Victims having "Special" blood.

Dont know what is is about it, but I love vampires hunting my characters down.
Im weird, I know.

2. Kidnapping

Having my character being kidnapped and them either breaking themselves out or being saved

I find it fun I suppose.

3. Torture.

I love messing my characters up.

4. The super like...emotional stuff.

If my characters got through torture, I adore the hurt/comfort stuff. I enjoy playing out my characters slow recovery, being aided by friends and such every step of the way.

RPR Appreciation Wall
These are all people that I appreciate for their RP and OOC awesomeness. Thank you for being who you are, and thank you for the impact you have made on my life.

Close friends/RP/OOC
1. ThatSinfulLiar
2. Koobler

RP Partners
3.Nav Kat


~Currently Accepting RP Requests~

Want to support my journey as a self-published author?

Please support my journey as a self-published author! I want to write more books and be able to hire editors, better art for the covers, and so on so forth. My first novel is listed under the "About me" tab. Please check it out. Even tiny amounts of cash help <3.

Feel free to ignore this though, it is a bit...I don't know...I kinda feel like I shouldn't ask XD.

My Paypal
Note that paypal takes 30 cents per transaction.

I am a proud member of


My puffer is called Larry and he will assist in saving the world.

Character Creation Progress

I got the idea to do this from LowResCrab!

Complete-Ready to RP with
Somewhat there-bits of info missing, but still able to RP
OOF!-No way on the RP front. Sorry!

The Jade Blanket-COMPLETE
Valencia Crowe-COMPLETE
Yulene Marsuryn-COMPLETE
Riley Linden-COMPLETE
Mister Eight-COMPLETE
Karter Kaur-COMPLETE
Don Gappler-COMPLETE
Elyssa Afton-COMPLETE
Faelyn Aefiel-COMPLETE
Alea Zylsatra-COMPLETE

Lindal-History and info-needs work
Kira Rose-More fleshed out info and history
Solana Tordove-Fix up formatting and images
Val Emerson-History revamp
Vance Myers-History
Zacccheus Zebulon Zophar-History
Zamor Rashed-History
Alice Lafey-Needs more info, more fleshed out history
Aliward La Ruse-More basic info
Atria Valgus-History worked on
Beatrice Merton-History worked on
Beten-More basic info, history
Finn Thompson-History
Florence-Magical character quotes
Hex-More fleshed out information
Ira Grimm-More fleshed out history
Lukan Saint Maros-More basic info
Martinez DeLiam-more fleshed-out history
Kira Rose-More fleshed out info and history

Alf Williams-Missing basic info, History
Dolly and Lloyd-All basic info
Jamie-More fleshed out info and history
Mina Calico-under consideration to be deleted
Leonidas-might be deleted
Shoko Amori-basic info and history
Leif Rosas-Basic Info, History, OOC page

Character Ideas

  • Taxi Driver/Uber Driver.
  • a NEET who lives by his parent's dollar and is the best gamer in a VRMMORPG.
  • Someone who lives in the zombie apocalypse and can 'charm' the zombies. Infected but not turned or half turned.
  • A girl who doesn't leave her room and has crippling social anxiety. Communicates with notes under the door.
  • Nonhuman, modern girl. Ghoul? Exo from destiny? Werewolf?Centaur?Spider person (eyes. covered with hat?).
  • Male Knight
  • Pirate-male. First Mate
  • Maid character
  • A sports star sabotaged by their gym teacher


Rave Reviews

  • Hikari_Yagaza is a great roleplayer! She doesnt waste time in her responses and always up front with them. She is also has patience with you, which is a plus! :)
    -- Rosa
  • We have rping for months on discord and only now I realised we aren't even friends here! I would like to say that Hikari is great when it comes to paragraph rp's. They always seem to try their best to keep up and even when they stop replying for awhile I'm glad they...
    -- FrootLoops

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