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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: September 24

~Why hello there~

I am Hikari Yagaza

Here is my Prompts Masterthread


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Im sorry,but PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, dont send me random friend requests. I prefer you pm me first to explain your intentions. I will no longer simply friend you back UNLESS we have ooc banter going on or an RP. Thank you.

Reply Status: Im unmotivated as heck. If Im taking a long while to reply I deeply apologize. feel free to send a friendly reminder if I take too long.


MONDAY-FRIDAY: Active 4 30 AM to 9 AM Central time.
SAT-SUN: All Day

please note I do work so my shifts on week days are 5-(?) usually bedtime for me. I take these shifts most frequently.However on the weekend I may be asked to take a 10PM central time to 5 or even 7AM Central time. The days I work usually change too.

I almost always work friday so Im sorry about that.

If I for some reason stop replying without a reason, please know this: I don't mean to.

I do disappear from rps sometimes. If I did so to you. I'm very sorry. I'm working on being a better communicator.

Personal status: I dont even.

ThatSinfulLiar made me an amazing profile pic: Hikari_Profile_Image.png
It's a little portrait of me. :) Thank yoooou.

Note 1: I usually have my phone on me, so if your someone with relatively short RP responses, I'll reply on my phone, although I like to be on my computer for long paragraph RP-ers because I can do an even better job on my computer typing.

Note 2: My characters are a constant work in progress. I'm always developing them. Don't let that deter you from asking to RP with them though.


This is literally me...

My favorite song currently

About me, if you want to look...

Well, a couple facts about me is that I love cute, fluffy animals and chocolate (preferably milk chocolate) and I have quite a sweet tooth. I'm a published author (but looking back at my book it kinda sucks but hey, it was written in a month so what do you expect) and you can find my book the summoner on Amazon or here

It's my first book and I'm proud of it.

I'm also working on my second book, (though it's not in the same series as the first) and that one is having a lot of thought put in it...and it's a blast to write.

My hobbies are Writing, RPing and reading, as well as watching youtube (usually gaming videos).

Youtubers I watch: VanossGaming, Markiplier, Mini Ladd, Kubz scouts and BasicallyIdoWork. I also check on YandereDev's progess of his game Yandere Simulator

RP's I love to do:

Romance, Adventure, Action, hurt/comfort.

Settings I can do

Modern or medieval or slightly futuristic.

RP Style:

In RPs I typically write 1 to 2 paragraphs comfortably but I can write up to five if I focus really hard. Never script format. I don't really like it. Also, I use third person. In addition,
I will attempt, note the word attempt, to match my partners length.

RP Rules For Me

1. First and foremost I want everyone to have an enjoyable experience. If at any time an RP is losing it's mojo, tell me. I want to be able to work out why so we can continue.

2. No dice, or little usage of dice. I don't understand it. (yes I did look at the page, still no good, if someone knows, educate me plz)

3.Give me something to work with. I'll do my best to return the favor.

4.PM RP's please. Forum is scary for me

5. I'll try respond within a week at longest. If I don't give you a response, or even a word of explanation, I'm probably busy/sick, feel free to give me a little nudge/send me a message if I take too long.

6. If you want to kill off/permanently maim my character please, let's talk about it first.

Thank you!

Role play Guilty Pleasures

Well, for some reason I absolutely LOVE doing these things in a RP. Some of it is Cliche trash, but I cant help but love it to death.

1.Vampires and their Victims having "Special" blood.

Dont know what is is about it, but I love vampires hunting my characters down.
Im weird, I know.

2. Kidnapping

Having my character being kidnapped and them either breaking themselves out or being saved

I find it fun I suppose.

3. Torture.

I love messing my characters up.


I just wanted you to know....

~Currently Accepting RP Requests~

I have a couple of character set in the same universe. It's called Klurst. Please feel free to familiarize yourself with it.

The mysterious Island of Klurst


See the website here:

Links to stuff

Discord Server with ThatSinfulLiar:



Rave Reviews

  • Sadly, I've never roleplayed with Hikari, but I saw her give someone a free cloak, regardless of the trade that the other offered. I'm not saying that you should just up and ask her, but I wanted to make her kindness known! At least just a little bit if possible.
    -- Pandas71
  • Hikari is nice and understanding lass, from what I have seen in public forum and private messages, I'm sure there're plenty more adjectives to describe such person as Hikari_Yagaza but those are the only one that come to my mind. MERRY CHRISTMAS HIKARI!
    -- RimCaster

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