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Claudius is a bull headed son of a gun....and yet. Ailuin and Mylaela both have fallen to like and trust the bull very fast. If only because of his akin SOMEWHAT clever nature of hiding his absolute distaste for enslavement as well as deeming himself a person to help both Ailuin and Mylaela.

A friendship that will certainly be interesting to pursue on both alts. I appreciate him much! Drives the plot forward Concise posts - Michonne
Hokins has been hounding me for more roleplay and although I wish I could spread my time more lengthy and evenly. I gotta say I HEAVILY appreciate the enthuasism. Not only this but he loyally watches me stream every chance he gets....

Really supportive and kind guy, with also a clear understanding of boundaries. Very impressive work for someone who doesn't use english as their first language too! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Michonne

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