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Hello! I'm Holly!

Pronouns are Ey/they/it

I started my roleplaying journey on Scratch 4 and a half years ago ^^

The origin behind my user is that it was originally the name of my warrior-cat oc who became my persona years later.

I love making ocs and making stories around them ^^

Feel free to dm me if you ever want to rp with me!

I have a terrible habit of ghosting people when I don't know how to reply. Please please please, if I don't reply for a week or two, do go into the chat and do a boop or a bump. I'll try to reply and if it's too difficult for me, I'll try to communicate with you... Though I may forget... I'm sorry to anyone I've rp'd with and I've ghosted you...

My timezone: EST

More stuff about me:

I love birds! I'll infodump about them if you want me to ^^

I love watching anime. I'm currently rewatching Princess Tutu and watching season 2 of Spy Family <3

I'm a minor :D I'm not that comfy about sharing my age online but I am in my late teens.

I'm autistic! Please be patient with me, I do my best to understand and reply to stuff but sometimes I have trouble.


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