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Salutations! It's-a me, Jay.
I write. I play video games. I am a perpetrator of shenanigans, and the owner and proprieter of the one and only space gas station. I'm also an anxious mess, but feel free to say hi anyway. (If you want.)

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Rave Reviews

  • Holly made my day making that mystery They’re so kind and nice they have a “Jolly” spirt and they’re just so happy and sleepy lol
    🔆Thanks for sending me Pūppēr Holly
    -- Seasongriffen
  • Hollyfrost managed to turn an ordinary Epic Week item into a mini-quest for the entire RPR community, just by randomly sending Pufferfish out with a quest prompt attached. If it hadn't been for their spark of creativity and outgoing personality, we wouldn't have had...
    -- Sanne

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