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Hello! My name is Hubba. Well, my real name is Isabella. But I prefer Hubba, since I’m not too fond of my real name.^_^


I looove anime and manga. It’s one of my favorite things to watch and read. I love all types of genres when it comes to anime (and manga) Here is some anime I have watched:

1. Bleach
2. Black Butler
3. Tokyo Ghoul
4. D.Gray Man
5. Fairy Tail
6. Death Note
7. Uta-Pri
8. Ghibli Films!!
9. Attack On Titan
10. Seven Deadly Sins
11. Outran High School Host Club!
12. Free!
13. Yuri On Ice
14. Mirai Nikki
15. Love Stage
16. Junjou Romantica




For RPing with me... I have a few rules. ^_^ Please Follow them. I understand if you make a mistake or if you didn’t know, but if you continue to do so, I will block youuu.

1. A minimum of about four paragraphs and more! I can span up to four paragraphs or even ten!

2. Details. I don’t want something like “she said”. I want something like: “she grumbled, face warming up in embarrassment. Her eyes drifted away, not courageous enough to look him in the eye.

3. NO ONE LINERS! They are boring and I can’t write anything out of them. Sorry.

4. IC =/= OOC. IC drama is not OOC drama. Anything munch OC does is not me specifically. Please understand that.

5. please don’t ghost.. I’ll try not to ghost, so don’t do the same to me. I understand if you get busy, but please warn me before hand.

6. You’re always able to POKE me. Meaning, if I haven’t replied in a while, but *poke* me! :3

I can do ANY genre! Romance, action, SCI-FI, medieval, etc. Even Smut. But Smut is only for characters and players OVER THE AGE OF 18.

And kind of romance is fine with me! FxF or MxM and MxF or more genders of all types together does not bother me one bit! ^_^


Things about me!! Hm.. here..

1. I’m a weeaboo

2. I am a huge fan of cats and dogs equally, but my favored animal is a panda—so I’m a panda person!

3. I’m a Christian!! Even though I am, that doesn’t limit my RP skills and I will NOT judge anyone.

4. I’m a foodie.. hehehe.

5. I do stuff and then my reaction is the gif below!


writing example!

Streaks of crimson highlighted the sky as the sun was just a sliver against the rolling hills. Trees rustled in the autumn breeze, branches dancing back and forth as if they were in the waltz. Leaves scattered around the ground and blades colored in crimson in the light of the sun. Even as the rays pound against the earth, nothing seemed warm as winger draws near.

A girl with rosy red cheeks and flaming red hair sat at a fountain. Sitting on a bench, she sketched out the scenery around her. The trees and foliage, the bird nests tucked tightly in the branches. The swaying blades of grass and squirrels that scale the trees. Her pencil danced across the page of her notebook, eyes transfixed on her work.

“Alex! Alex!” A squeaky voice rang throughout the clearing. The girl, presumably named Alex, didn’t have enough time to look up before a small body slammed into her own. The pencil she carried dropped into the fountain water.

Groaning, Alex sighed and pushed the small body away from her. Before he was a young boy with curly ginger hair, freckles dusting his cheeks. With big blue eyes framed with a thick set of eyelashes.

“What do you want, Jeremy?” Alex pondered, irritation written across her face. Her lips pursed into a thin line and eyebrows furrow above her sky blue eyes.

. . .

Now.. I think that’s all! So.. BWYE BWYE!

Rave Reviews

Ive only begun roleplaying with hubba recebtly, but Im very much enjoying it. Responses are a joy to read and the character used is one Im becoming very fond of.

Hubba also seems able to reply quite quickly.

Im very happy I started an rp with Hubba. Its shaping up to be a really fun one. Wonderful writer Fast responses - JoJoApples
Emara Hough (played by Hubba)
Emara is a sassy character that wants what she wants and is too stubborn for her own good. She has realistic emotions and desires; and is very human in how they all mix together in a pit of confusion in action. She walks on the edge of danger and thus makes a great character to drive plots forward with a great amount of emotion and depth. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

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    I swear, I've known Hubba for not very long, and we had just gotten our RP rolling. But I absolutely love how much care and love she puts into each post. The character she had created is grounded and real. I absolutely adore him. Her writing style is amazing, detailed, and holds some fantastic characterization.

    She's also incredibly polite and kind. I see a wonderful friendship in the future. I 100%, 15/10 recommend Hubba. <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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