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Some know me as Human, many know me as Tif, but my main is Toffie on Furcadia.
I am the co-creater of The Faust species.

Environmentalist of Fort Cheyenne.


☠️… I'm pretty simple. I enjoy roleplaying, plotting, sunsets, long walks on the beach, you know, etc. etc.

☠️… I sing and the play the guitar like a true douche bag and am Florida born and raised.

☠️… I love Harry Potter!
☠️… I never liked writing these stupid about me's but they always seem necessary.

☠️… I'm getting my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice.

☠️… Oh and I might have 3 cats and they are my life. #catladyontherise

I shouldn't even have to say this but I don't do drama (oocly).

| rH10j4Z.gif | Srm5uV3.gif | R3eSOfI.png |

It's the fam:
.wife. mistress. gf. side bits.

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What do you get when you cross spitfire, spunk, and adorableness? Human! - MusicalDemon
I suppose a year and a half of friendship is sufficient enough time to update my initial kudos for Tiffany. What can I say that hasn't already been? She is, and has been, consistently wonderful as a friend; however, I most love getting to watch her grow not only as a person, but as a role player as well. I have had the privilege of watching her characters flourish from their humble beginnings to being well-rounded and exciting to interact with, and appealing to approach. In sum: I love her! - Keke

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