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Hello everybody and welcome to my profile! Make sure to friend/pm me if you are interested in a 1 on 1 role play! And make sure to check out my Oc's to see if you'd like me to role play with any of them specifically!

My preferable role plays include Action, Adventure, Modern, Super-powers, and magic! But I'm always open to other role plays! I always love Greek Mythology Role Plays!

I'm Always open to new long-term role play partners!

I'm going to be taking a short 'break' from RPRepository. I'm not going to be available for a bit but I promise I'll be back soon. I'll try to respond to my current RPs when I get the chance!

Rave Reviews

When we first started the Runaways RP I really didn't think of having it where we are the children of God's. I thought that was really smart. - Dark_Cupid
Ok so they are so awesome! There replies are always long and detailed and they contribute so well to the story, I absolutely adore the way they write and their character is just outstanding and so interesting. There replies are nice and quick and they are also amazing in quality . Overall , definitely recommend rping with IAmNumberFour. - DarkandLight

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