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Virgo- Demon- Slytherin- Author- Cosplayer(not really, but I have cosplayed before)- They/Them

Status: Helping brother move

Rp Status: Open to RP

Relationship status: Taken

What my boyfriend calls me: Burrito-san, Little Demon, Demon

Hey! Check out my friends YouTube channel! Help him grow! Please and thank you! It's fine if you don't like the content, just help him!

That's not very heroic

Favorite phrases of mine:
-"Ah yes. My heart has been hurt a few times, but it gets stronger every time."
- "No no. Don't talk to me. I need coffee. Hang on."
- "Eh? I'm not Why?"
- "Can I have five more minutes?"
- "Why is my life hard? Does everyone hate me?"
- "Will I ever find the one for me?"

Mental status: I am doing much better! I'm over my depression! I'm over my ex!

Names you can call me: Icy, Angel (just ask before calling me Angel), Moon, Echo, my real name (But I have to know you for awhile, so just don't up an ask my name!), Ice-san, Icy-chan, Icy-senpia

You've entered the home of the Icy demon. Watch your step on the icy slopes.

Rp ideas that I am obsessed with:
Soulmates: any kind, from matching tattoos to first words. Just talk to me about an idea and we can do it!
Omega verse: Basically just Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. Male pregnancy could be an idea, too.


MOST IMPORTANT RULE: None right now.

Don't ghost me. It's not nice. If you don't want to rp anymore, just tell me. I'll understand.
Tell me if you're gonna be gone for awhile.
Don't be mean to me. I don't need more people who hate me.
I'm here to talk, so shoot me a message.
I'll try to match your length, so don't worry. Just give me something to work with.
Hate me, don't rp with me. Simple.
Choose a character who you'd like to rp with, if you want too.
LGBTQ+ is welcome here!
I don't do just 18+ rps, I can do other rps, too.
Always have a good day.

RPs I can do:

Adventure Time
My Hero Academia
BNA (Brand New Animal)
ZOMBIES (1 and 2)
Fruits Basket
Cells at Work
Hazbin Hotel
A Court of Thorns and Roses (the series)
Persona 5
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K
Watchdogs 2
The Maze Runner series
Angels of Death
Bendy and the Ink Machine (BATIM)
Star Wars Resistance
Star Wars Rebels
South Park
Super Natural
Stranger Things
Maximum Ride
Vampire Dairies
Fairy Tail
Black Butler
Yandere Simulator
Blue Exorcist
Attack on Titan (AOT)
Sword Art Online (SAO)
Ouran High School Host Club (OHSHC)
The Flash
Hunter X Hunter (HxH)
Left 4 Dead (L4D)
FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's)
School RP
18+ (MxM, FxF, MxF)
Star Wars
Minecraft (with human Mods)
Legend of Zelda (LoZ)

Who am I from Adventure Time?: I'm Marshall Lee
I am mysterious and laid-back, just like Marshall Lee! I have a tendency to rough-house and perhaps I like to tease. I do this to my friends a lot, but that just shows how close they are to me. I may not open myself up to many people, but that's because it's all bubbling beneath the surface. So I will go out there and open myself up to people! Who knows? I may just change the world.

Who am I from Assassination Classroom?: Karma Akabane
I am strong and smart and not afraid to show it. I am always top of class and everyone is afraid of me. However, once people get to know me, I can actually be a sweetheart. I would never admit it though...

Who am I from My Hero Academia?: I'm Katsuki Bakugou.
Katsuki is a crude, arrogant, short-tempered, and aggressive person, which I can also be time to time.


What Creepypasta am I?: Eyeless Jack

You can't see his true face, you just see this darkness in a pull-up hoodie. And some eye sockets. How does he see? There's too many questions! It's terrifying, the fact that there's that many unknowns!


Who am I in the Supernatural universe: I'm CASTIEL! I'm a literal angel.
Of course in the realm of Supernatural that doesn’t necessarily mean I'm a great person. People confuse me, but I care a lot about them. I do everything I to fix the world, but it never seems to turn out quite right, probably because I just can’t quite seem to understand the people I'm trying to save.
Despite my mistakes (and boy are they big mistakes), I'm always willing to sacrifice myself to make it better. I'm loyal, kind, and thoughtful in my own way.


Which of my own characters am I most like?; A little bit of me is put into each character, but I'm more like Collin. I'm protective of the ones I love, and I'm willing to do anything for them.

What is my spirit animal?: A dragon.


Rave Reviews

Icy is a cool person and is really nice. I Rp with icy for a long time since scratch basically. Awesome writer and knows how to make a good story and responds fast. One of the few people I really enjoy. Icy is great to talk to about characters. That part of the reason there such great writer. Icy just one of a kind and enjoy them as a writer and friend. Wonderful writer Fast responses - kungpowdragon23
He’s an amazing rper and we’ve been doing over 5+ rps, then he’s very active. I recommend doing short term rps with him, he’s very helpful and caring, in return, kudos! - Foxy_TheWarrior

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