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Virgo- Demon- Slytherin- Author- Cosplayer(not really, but I have cosplayed before)- Artist- They/Them- Taken- Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight- 18+

~Do not block me if you won't like something I did. It's not okay and makes me really sad. Just tell me what I did so I can change it.~

Theme: I Love My Life- Justice Crew




Who drew my profile picture?: Unknown

Person/Character/Oc in profile picture: Dream


What my boyfriend calls me: Burrito-san, Little Demon, Demon, Invader Zim

Why the nickname Invader Zim?: I want to take over the WORLD! But I'm also really short. 5'2", to be exact. I'm small for my age. Don't judge me.


I have my own Kirishima to my Bakugou!

Names you can call me: Icy, Angel (just ask before calling me Angel), Moon, Echo, my real name (But I have to know you for awhile, so just don't up an ask my name!), Ice-san, Icy-chan, Icy-senpai

You've entered the home of the Icy demon. Watch your step on the icy slopes.

Rp ideas that I am obsessed with:
Soulmates: any kind, from matching tattoos to first words. Just talk to me about an idea and we can do it!
Omega verse: Basically just Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. Male pregnancy could be an idea, too.
Imposter x anyone: Basically an Among Us imposter with another imposter or a crew mate.


MOST IMPORTANT RULE: If we do 18+, it can't be just 18+, there needs to be plot.

Don't ghost me. It's not nice. If you don't want to rp anymore, just tell me. I'll understand.
Tell me if you're gonna be gone for awhile.
Don't be mean to me. I don't need more people who hate me.
I'm here to talk, so shoot me a message.
I'll try to match your length, so don't worry. Just give me something to work with.
Hate me, don't rp with me. Simple.
Choose a character who you'd like to rp with, if you want too.
LGBTQ+ is welcome here!
I don't do just 18+ rps, I can do other rps, too.
Always have a good day.

Rave Reviews

Icy here's always been kind to me! They've helped me through some of my hard times, and I'm genuinely grateful for that. Out of the friends I have outside my main family here, they've been the best! Thanks for everything Icy!! Kind and understanding Helpful - Rinny_Howler
Icysoul is such a dear. They pretty much started an RP with me right off the bat, which has been great for me to exercise one of my BNHA characters, and they make sure to respond to dialogue and include details, enmeshing detail both from my own posts and from theirs. They're very kind, and are also quite patient with my slow reply rate. They're both concise, and good at making sure there's dialogue. All in all, very fun to roleplay with and fun to talk to! Thanks, Icysoul, keep it up! ❤️ Creative ideas Fast responses - Shinyrainbowlithogra

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