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  • Gender: Male

Fast Facts About Me

• You may have something in common with me if you have “Baby Shark” or “It’s Raining Tacos” playing through your head on some unending Satanic loop. Yeah, you know who you are.

• I have a job that often stretches me to my professional and creative limits. I’m on this site for fun and to let off steam! (Okay, fine, fine, I am on this site because in my deepest geek wet dreams I fantasize being a hipster geek writer.)

• I don’t really do tons of smut. I mean, I’m actually pretty okay at writing it. It’s just that in so many rps the air goes out faster than a sex doll encountering a nail gun once the characters have hooked up. So I am very selective about getting into it, it has to be organic to a story, and not the main point of it.

• Can’t really do mysterious, broody characters. Or I can do vaguely broody with a healthy slice of snark. Or my character can make fun of your broody character if you’re down with that.

• Most interested in characters getting into snarky, bantery, off-kilter and sometimes messy relationships, whether romantic or not.

Rave Reviews

  • Ihavenostaff is bar none one of the most eloquent, hilarious, and kind humans I have ever had the joy of encountering. I say this despite his staunch refusal to come around to my way of thinking that 'When Marnie was There' could have, and should have, been a lesbian...
    -- Pekoeboo

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