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Hello, all! My name is IllustriousSpectre, or at least it is on here. I'm a big fan of most RP genre's, though my biggest is probably Supernatural fiction. At present, I do a lot of writing in White Wolf's "World of Darkness", so a lot of my characters present on this profile are from this setting.

I exclusively do 18+ roleplays, meaning elements of violence, profanity, and sexual content are more than likely. If that isn't your thing, please let me know so I can avoid making you uncomfortable. Also, PLEASE don't put my characters in scenarios where it's very likely all they can do is react in a way that would be sexually explicit.

A note about my character profiles: Any art for characters on my profile is NOT art that I own. Please show some love to the original artist

Rave Reviews

Easily one of the best roleplayers I have had the pleasure of meeting on this site, Spectre is a very literate, patient and creative person who has been nothing but friendly towards me. I would highly recommend adding this person and roleplaying with them. - Lady-Angiris
Very few people go through this Rp site and find exactly what they were looking for in a partner, IllustiriousSpectre was that for me. He is kind, compassionate and understanding. He is creative, funny and can write you in circles. :) Thanks for being my friend and here's to all the future rps! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Lady-Angiris

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