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-Roleplay Status-
I am not open for anymore RP's right now.

-Life Status-
I am getting back on the role!


Things about Me!

IRL NAME: Unknown

NAME: Citrus


PRONOUNS: He/him - They/Them


SEXUALITY: Pansexual

LIKES: Art (both digital and traditional), reading, watching anime/shows/movies, singing, learning music and languages, writing, and studying.

DISLIKES: Know it alls, mouth noises, grapes, perverts, and liars.

WEIGHT: petite (unknown)
EYES: Hazel (mostly green)

Things Said About Me by Loved Ones Or Said Too Me

"Is the gay crack friend in the group." - Best friend

"Somehow always finds a reason to either talk about anime, ramen, art, or books." - Best Friend


Writing Example One

Zeldana blew out a breath. Her skin tingled due to the winter cold, the breeze brushing against her skin as she rode on her steed. Running away in winter was probably not the best of ideas. Inhaling sharply, she ran a hand through her hair, fingers tangling in her black locks. She needs to find shelter soon and nearby. A taste of bitter ice was in the air and kept her cold no matter how hard she rubbed her arms for warmth.

“A forest..” Zeldana’s eyes caught the distant leaves the waved back and forth in greeting. A dark and great forest day near the road of her steed, the canopy so thick that it would be hard for rain to seep through. That it was hard for moonlight to peak through those thick branches and foliage.

Suddenly she missed her piano. The sound, only an echo, of her fingers thrumming against the keys sounded in t her back of her head. Zeldana could imagine the vibration of music and melancholy silent emotions in the air. She could imagine the sweepings feelings in her heart and chest as she played. The thought made her homesick for her room and all her instruments.

I made the right decision. No way I would marry that Duke of Archenburg. She snapped hastily back in her head. She would rather die than go back there and marry that pervert.

“I can rest here for a night. I will need to hurry to lose track of father.” She whispered to herself, faced serious and emotionless as she forced her horse in the forest. He seemed reluctant to pass the forest line but eventually did. Zeldana was an idiot to not think about why he did that.

It didn’t take her long to get a fire started. Flames licking at her prodding stick, a log pulled up next to the fire. She found a clearing where her horse could eat and she could rest without Mother Nature stabbing her with roots and stone.

“Frozen moon, oh I see you~“ she hummed a small tune under her breath. She didn’t notice the ears of her steed perk up and a snort of panic leave it’s nose.

FROM RP (Sweet Desires)

Writing Example Two

Zeldana turned her head when a man approached both her and her maid. The clothes he donned were of the high end, likely tailored to fit his build. Listening to him speak, her head dipped politely that merely spoke a speck of her excitement when in reality it was much, much larger. "It is nice to meet you, Sir Brodyn. I am glad that the Lord is so delighted for me to come, as I am to be here as well."

Ah yes, Somnos wine. Zeldana knew the taste of the intoxicating drink and the smell of the aroma. It is hard to believe that deadly berries could be used within something that everyone would adore, and while it sometimes made Zeldana slightly anxious, she never questioned the winemakers. Zeldana would still say that her favorite wine was a simple glass of red wine... Somnos was good but the pleasantries of something known and comforting is far better than the exquisite taste of something famous. Zeldana's hands wrung together with slight nervosa and she nodded towards the man, blinking with wide eyes. "Yes, thank you. The warmth of this manor sounds delightful."

It looks more like a castle than a manor. Father would be jealous. Zeldana narrowed her eyes at the thought. Her father would indeed be jealous, as this simple "manor" is more detailed and ornate than the palace is within her kingdom. The cliffside even seems to thrive with the manor and blend itself into the stone, as if the manor was the cliff itself. Zeldana gazed around at the jutting rocks that she would describe as beautiful too, the gnarled twisted tree on the rocky path. She imagined it was struck by lightning and cut in half by the way it stood and it's trunk at broken and withered away. Even so, the tree was beautiful, and added more to the atmosphere of the manor and the grounds.

"These grounds are extravagant. Lord Claddsek must feel very lucky to have such a home--the view is also delightful." Zeldana finally had the time to turn her head and gaze at the view that the manor gave. Cliff's fell to the harsh ground and ocean down at her feet but the clouds in the sky were like snakes, silver and slippering around in winding lines. Crows and ravens cawed and perched upon branches, boring into her skin with black beady eyes. She could almost imagine those eyes to be red, their beaks stained and talons dripped in blood--the thought made her shiver. Why must her head always go the extreme of imagining things?

Brodyn reminds me of those ravens. Zeldana's head continued to ramble. Indeed, Brodyn did remind her of a crow. Maybe it was the way he acted? or the way he held his posture? Even so, he lips were a weapon of his own it seemed and maybe his knowledge was his talons. Zeldana had a feeling that this man was more of what he seemed.. but she has always been a paranoid woman, so she closed her eyes anxiously for just a second and pushed away all negative and suspicious thoughts. It is her good day! She should not waste it with nervous thoughts and intrusive thinking!

Maybe it took them a while to get to the manor, maybe it took them litte; but when they reached the abode of Lord Claddsek, it felt to her that they teleported there within seconds. She was so busy looking at the scenery to think of the time so it was such a short walk to her. Zeldana breathed in the cold air and let it refresh her lungs once more, knowing that she might have to give out some faux smiles while she is inside--all she wants is to play her music for the people, not talk them, after all. Zeldana has never been one for pleasantries but being a nobles calls to doing so.

"My Lady, do you wish me to send a letter to your father to say you arrived?" Zeldana's maid pondered, raising a brow and pulling the cloak closer to her frame. Zeldana was still cold but her body has got used to it by now even with her arms still risen in goosebumps and standing hairs.

Zeldana glanced at the woman. She didn't want to but she needed too. "Yes, go ahead. He would have my head if I did not write to him."

FROM RP (The Ball)

Writing Example Three

Sayana's first impressions of the ship were grand. The soldiers on the inside made her eyes widen with awe, as she did not see a lot of soldiers from inside her lab and the scientific unit of planet explorations and findings. Noah almost made her jaw drop; handsome yet intimidating even if he greeted them kindly. Misaki was a woman that reminded Sayana a lot like Sara, they seemed to speak their mind first before they think. When Clay popped his head from where he was, she jumped slightly in surprise. What surprised her most was his words.

"Ah.." Sayana was about to say something, but the slap of Noah against Clay's head shut him up. She fought the small grin that tugged at her lips, rolling back and forth on the balls of her feet.

She glanced around on the interior of the ship. Crates were filled to the brim with certain things and the smell of oil was in the air--not that different from the smell of chemicals inside the lab. Sayana would even sometimes have to work on the mechanics to a machine within the lab and so oil was not that hard.. only their oil was different than the oil they use within their engines and machines when it came to the transportation.

Giles and Sayana tensed when Noah spoke up again. She noticed he spoke with authority, with a sense of belonging to the ship and that he knows what he is doing--the same authority she often saw Sara with that made everyone in the room look at her. Sayana nodded at him and muttered a coherent 'yes sir' when he said something about following rules. Giles followed pursuit and gave a small nervous salute. He blushed afterwards.

However, that seemed to change when Noah paused and pulled out two guns from a crate. Sayana blinked and Giles looked even more jittery than before. They took the two guns with hesitance. They have seen guns before. There was some guns they even had to work on in the lab because of electrical charges or chemical charges within the pistol or bullets; what made them nervous was the fact that they were actually holding it knowing that there may be a chance to where they might have to pull the trigger. It was easier knowing that they weren't actual bullets in the barrel, but Sayana still put it in her back pocket with a slow speed as if she might accidently shoot herself. Giles sat it next to him on some closed up crate. He did not even want to look at it.

"Thank you, sir!" Sayana nodded to Noah. Giles slowly mimicked her action.

Misaki peered over Noah's shoulder. Sayana did not take offence to the tone of her voice when she said the word scientists, nor did she take offense to the fact that Misaki seemed so rude when talking about babysitting them. Sayana understood that they were new to leaving this planet and there will be things that they won't understand all the way--but they were scientists and they were smart, so they would fair. Just to reassure Misaki, Sayana hummed, "We are smart so no need to babysit us. If we have questions, we will be sure to not ask you." Maybe it came out rude, but Sayana meant nothing disrespectful by her words, nor egotistical.

At the mention of scaring them, Sayana perked up.

"Scared?" Sayana blinked, a wide grin breaking across her face and dimpling her cheeks. "I am excited! Oh, think of all the great things we will see. Aren't you excited, Giles? We are going to see this stuff before Sara can!!! OH I can't wait to brag to her after this whole trip!"

Giles rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He wore a smile even though he was a rather skittish--though he was very used to how Sayana acted and talked when she was excited. Her bursting with glee and rambling like a child was just the normal when they are both working in the laboratory. "I am excited as well, I suppose. But I think it would be impossible to be as excited as you ar--"

Sayana cut him off in her elation. "We will likely be able to study the ozone layers, atmospheres of the planet, alien life forms (if there is any) and see how gravitational pulls effect the surface and insides of the planet!" She clapped her hands like she was seeing it before her already, dark eyes shimmering like the stars far in space. "What if we see animal life forms that are small or cute? Do you think Sara would allow us to take one to the lab as a pet?!"

"I doubt so.." Giles snorted. He didn't move his hand from the back of his neck.

FROM RP (The Silent Planet)


1. No One Liners
2. IC =/= OOC
3. Multi Paragraphs
In the Works

1. Leave if you are Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, or anything like that.
2. I do not want drama. Leave if you want to cause it.
3. I won't give my real name just because you messaged me once.
4. Respect me and I will respect you
In the works

Rave Reviews

So this is the first day of us even talking, and we are only a few posts into our RP, but Citrus is amazing at what they do. Each post is concise and detailed, and full of emotion. Not to mention, their characters are deep, intuitive, and easy to connect with. Citrus, you are absolutely incredible! Wonderful writer Fast responses - _Apollo_
Citrus has only joined RPR maybe a week or so ago, and has already made Sparks Fly(Ahh? Ahh? you see what I did there?)They have already worked on making a extensive catalog of characters and not a single one is lacking in quality and neither are their responses to the RP. They are able to very consistently respond in a timely manner and make each post a worth while read and a good addition to the story. I am already doing one rp with them and planning another, dont miss a chance to rp with them Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - SparksFly

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