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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: March 31



I’m a twitch affiliate Give me a follow Twitch

I’m a writer. I’m working on a romance novel called Tearal’s love is like a rose. its going to be released on January 2019.

I might not be role playing much because I want to get this book done so sorry if I don’t reply to your role play

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Rave Reviews

  • Imthenaysayer is a great Rp-er :3 I have really enjoyed Rping with him, he is very detailed and knows how to keep the story from getting boring. I'm very happy with the rp that I am doing with him as well! :)
    -- PProject_OCs
  • He is so so kind and an amazing role player! In general he is a very nice person and instead of going ahead with things he will ask you wether it’s ok. ROLEPLAY WITH HIM! You really won’t regret it ☺️
    -- Neverland_Girl

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