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Man, What to write here...? Oh! Welcome to my Bio!

Follow my Twitter! @muse_account,I rp on there too!

I also do art (N)SFW or wholesome sketches on this account! ~> @xx_gummi

You can call me "Incu" for short! I'm a very flexible MxM only roleplayer!

I've been roleplaying for 5+ years now! Please don't mind my spelling errors,I got butterfingers.

I talk in 3rd person in Rp! It's waaaayyyy easier to do that,then saying "I" , it's really confusing to me!

I very much enjoy Dark, angst Rp, especially with Romance involved, I can do action and fighting scenes, Very well, I always try my best!

I Love Erotic,Sensual Roleplay! It's only of my personal favorite types of Roleplay! I barely have any limits,even non-con is good with me!

My limits are anything Gross! So no Scat,Gore,Vore or Watersports and Feet!

BUT normal Rp is good too!

I always wish to do Long-term Rps ^~^

I am also a very anxious person,diagnosed with ADHD and Bi-polar 1 and have attachment anxiety due to my paranoia of rejection and being alone or being too much. I tend to ask if I'm doing well,or check in alot if I haven't heard from you because I wish to keep this going and interesting for my partners. ^~^

Please feel free to PM me! I don't bite,I promise!

Rave Reviews

He's my lil pogchamp and he's extremely descriptive during roleplay~ He's also suuppper sweet~~ Very understanding and very good at making plots~ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - hypxrphxbxx

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    I don't know why I didn't give him Kudos before but I have nothing negative to say about this wonderful RPer and a friend to me! I enjoying Rping with him alot and chatting out of Rp just as much! I would defiently suggest rping with him!

    Thank you for Rping with me, Friend ^~^ <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner
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