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Man,What to write here...? Oh!Welcome to my Bio!

((PSSSST~ Check out my Fanfic,If you like Danganronpa Gay ships,This is for you , ))
You can call me "Incu" for short! I'm a very flexible MxM only roleplayer!

I've been roleplaying for 4 years now! Please don't mind my spelling errors,I got butterfingers.

I talk in 3rd person in Rp!It's waaaayyyy easier to do that,then saying "I" ,it's really confusing to me!

I very much enjoy Dark,angst Rp,especially with Romance involved,I can do action and fighting scenes.,Very well,I always try my best!

I Love Erotic,Sensual Roleplay! It's only of my personal favorite types of Roleplay! I barely have any limits,even non-con is good with me!

My limits are anything Gross! So no Scat,Gore,Vore or Watersports and Feet!

BUT normal Rp is good too!

I've been ghosted alot recently,So I've been desperate for new rps!

Please feel free to PM me!

Danganronpa? YES. Leon Kawata? YES. Gundam Tanaka? YES Shuichi Saraha? YES Kokichi Ouma? YES Fuyuhiko Kuzurayu YES Mondo Owoda Yes Kiyotaka Ishimaru YES

Rave Reviews

He's my lil pogchamp and he's extremely descriptive during roleplay~ He's also suuppper sweet~~ Very understanding and very good at making plots~ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - hypxrphxbxx

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