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Hallo, I am Reeno-Alchemist/InquisitorCat/Cat, or whatever you prefer. I have been rping for over 10 years now. Feel free to look at my characters, there's nothing too special about them. I really enjoy Berserk, undertale, Dragon Age and Susumu Hirasawa.

My Oc's lol

Rave Reviews

So much in depth information on her page! Awesome character art! If I had a character that would work in this era I'd totally rp with her :D - Pineapple
Truthfully I thought I had already given InquisitorCat one of these! So to make up for having not, I feel extra compelled to point out everything wonderful about her! I've been rping with her for about eight months straight, and obviously any rp that has lasted that long is excellent, and I foresee it lasting for much longer. Her characters are written with a believable humanity. And despite the rp often including both moments of comedic levity and serious drama, it never feels jarring. Great sense of humor Long-term partner - Gear

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