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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28
  • Birthday: July 09

NOTICE! Unfortunately, I have been offline since June 2012 and I'm really sorry for that. :C I have too much going on right now and I can't even focus to be productive. I want my partners to know that I think of them and I hope to come back, to open arms, as soon as possible.

- I Double
- I tend to use multiple characters
- I always play at least one female (hence, doubling)
- I consider myself literate, creative and very active (I sit at my computer all day/night)
- I LOVE to collaborate. If I have a plot planned out I leave plenty of room for my partner to put their own touch on the world.
- I ALWAYS spend some time discussing and brainstorming before I actually start role playing. This goes for both pre-determined plots and anything made from scrap.

- Action <3
- Romance <3

- Anything "Fan" related (ask me about it)

- Yaoi (It just doesn't do it for me)
- Twilight
- Furry

IM me at or send me an email <3

Rave Reviews

  • With rich imagination, colorful characters and ability to make unexpected turns in the role play, Ishu makes a wonderful role play partner in thread, but she is also very fun and great to just chat and plot with outside the roleplay!
    -- Sadrain
  • While our rp is still fresh from the oven, I already enjoy our rp between our warring countries. I cannot wait to see what will happen as our characters get to know each other better!!
    -- InquisitorCat

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