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━━━━━━━━━ ༺♥༻ ━━━━━━━━━
"Cause though the truth may vary,
this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore."

bd452c50247f4c08bff99d8a88526454.jpeg Welcome! I go by Isis or Isolus here. My inbox is always PM friendly!

I'm almost always looking for novella partners. Especially fantasy/medieval plots!

I'm currently renovating my profile, but please don't hesitate to look around and shoot a message.

Rave Reviews

I have several RP's going with this player, and may I say - WOW. You will not be disappointed in either character development, or well thought out settings and plot. She is very detail oriented, and a treat to write with! <3 - BreezyDawn
This person has one of the most amazing character profiles. They are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. You can see that she puts a lot of effort in her characters.

She also is an amazing writer and a talented roleplayer! Her writing is detailed and beautiful, she really can make a story come to life! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Cookiesareyummie

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