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Welcome to the Realm of
The Flower Knight
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Tidings, Traveller! My name is Isolus but I also go
by Han, Zen, Isis or Clementine (and Clem for
short works too). I am the guardian of this profile, a
devoted Knight of all things fantasy, medieval, and
adventure that can come in the wonderful written
word. Do please do stay a while, won't you?

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All characters in my profile exist in the same
worldspace (a world simply known as "The Hemos")
Many have backstories connected to one another
although I'm very flexible when it comes to things
such as alternate timelines, non-canon interactions
and other casual settings!

I'm in the process of crafting a World Anvil and hope
to share it soon! In the meantime you can learn more
about The Hemos by looking for underlined tags in
the profiles, which will direct you to interesting lore
you can piece together (almost like an egg hunt!)

It's a slow process to add all my ideas to paper, so
I hope you stay for the ride! I'm always down to
roleplay something from this or something we
make up together. Never hesitate to send me a
message to roleplay or simply chat!

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I roleplay in third person perspective in
paragraphs ranging from 5 to 8 paragraphs
on an average response! I'm almost always up for
1x1 Roleplays and I don't mind a Small Group
when I'm in the mood either.

I would very much rather OCs act as themselves
than be directed to fit a mold they couldn't. So
just let your characters be themselves and not
worry about having romantic compatability!

Some of my favorite Genres include (but
by no means not limited to):

Fantasy (High and Low Settings)
Medieval (Based or Accurate)
Adventure + Side Quests
Found Family Themes
Historical Fantasy
Cosmic Horror

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Finished Profiles
(Mostly or Fully Updated)

Abdessi of Karth
Ariella Sagewood
Inspector D'Alvarde
Work In Progress
(Fleshed Out, yet Unfinished)

Ariock of Caessia
Corlis Scythe
Hellene Dewguard
Olthuros Viamaro
Roland The Red
Newly Made
(Little to No Info Yet)

Aesa Snowborn
Beatrice Strauss
Dr. Corvidae
Iona Aeryn
The Iron Heart

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Rave Reviews

Beautiful aesthetic, gorgeously detailed characters, and a plethora of imaginative, meticulously-crafted ideas--Han has blown me away, even if I haven't gotten the chance to write with her yet. This lovely human being has a creative spirit and a wonderfully kind heart, and I can only imagine she's a top-tier writer and an absolutely amazing RP partner. <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous
I have several RP's going with this player, and may I say - WOW. You will not be disappointed in either character development, or well thought out settings and plot. She is very detail oriented, and a treat to write with! <3 - BreezyDawn

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