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✧༝ ━━━━━━ ・* ✵ *・ ━━━━━━ ༝✧
・: She/Her · Ravenclaw · Bard · INFP :・゚
Returning from haitus. Searching for new lands to wander and new companions to meet.

Rave Reviews

I have several RP's going with this player, and may I say - WOW. You will not be disappointed in either character development, or well thought out settings and plot. She is very detail oriented, and a treat to write with! <3 - BreezyDawn
Hannsthemanns has fantastic characters and fabulous ideas. She is very detailed and is a great planner, planning our RP was super fun and starting it was even better! All of her characters are amazing and interesting, her profiles for them are awesome. I am always very excited for her next post and can't wait to reply! Overall a wonderful person to RP with! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - EvanlynDestiny

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