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Im not looking for any new rps at this time. sorry. Im just not feeling it.

Im currently writing 3 Roleplays.[/u]

HEY! If im not replying to a roleplay you can check if Im livestreaming some art, or playing a game, or even at work... Maybe im doing life things like cleaning my apartment or I just want some time away! Dont be discouraged Im around!

Hello! Im ittermat- Roleplay obsessee!

I like to write original stories- I dont do fan rps-
They dont feel as fun to me...I will write just about anything except explicit sexual things and sci fi- because Im no good at sci fi...And Im an agender ace soooo sex is out of the question no matter what! haha..

I really love fantasy rps- and drama and angst- Fighting.... hehe.

I have no characters over there because I dont reuse characters often! I actually will create entirely new ones for whatever story is being written! Very Rarely will I use someone whos already in use!

If you wanna write with me please hit me up- but dont get discouraged if It says im online and im not answering - I do leave the page up while I play games or do something else... I always have RPR up in a tab...soooo I might be online... but Im also probably not there. XD I also tend to stop writing if I dont find us compatible- I dont think everyone please dont take it personally.

Uhm...outside of Rp I like to draw...Create, and Do youtube vids with my friends...and I have my own virtual pet site Im working on... I currently work in a winery on weekends. I just like to keep busy..

See you on the RP side!


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I will label Ittermat as my dirty pleasure. Our writing styles are dramatically different in almost every way. On top of that Ittermat has a very unique perspective on building new characters for every single campaign ”“ how ambitious! How custom! Regardless of our differences I have been enjoying my adventure with em. Ittermat is extremely creative. If you want a unique experience you might want to dabble with this one. ALSO Ittermat has some wonderful art <33 - Mipps
Although we hadn't gone far in our first rp - to me, Ittermat is a chill, understanding person and a cool artist. They're easy to talk to and are creative with their characters and artwork overall. Another thing I like about them is their writing style - it is recognizable and their posts are easy to understand. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - ChebaTheBee

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