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Hello! I'm Ivy, a student animator and hobbyist writer. I adore sharing story-driven adventures and meeting folk's rad characters, be them OCs or their personal takes on canon characters!

Personal Player Limits:
These are my limits that apply to all my characters and plots, just to get them out of the way up front. Please give these a read before contacting me if any of my characters/plots interest you!:

- I am not interested in sexual content of any kind, period. At this time I'm also not interested in any emotional romance between two the player characters. No hate! it's just not my cup of tea.

- I'm good with most darkness, brooding and violence in a story, but I'd rather avoid the extremely dark themes like sexual assault or abuse. Be that abuse mental, emotional or physical. Passing mentions of these in a backstory are fine, but please don't throw detailed descriptions of them at me.

- When it comes to language, I'm good with just about all cursing, save for slurs.

- Although I am not interested in overly explicit themes, I would still prefer to write with folks closer to my own age and will NOT write with those under the age of 18. Sorry!

- I love me some good action-packed combat! But please let me know if it's looking like the two player characters might end up taking swings at each other rather than just NCP threats. I'm cautious about player Vs. player and like to VERY clearly define those limitations beforehand.

- Comfort and communication are extremely important to me. I never intend to tread on toes. So if I ever say or do anything that you aren't happy or comfortable with, please bring it to my attention in a constructive way so we can hash it out! I will always do the same for you.

- I may decline your character/plot offer or drop a running RP if I am not interested/lose interest. This is never meant to be a personal slight or an implication that you are not a stellar writer. Sometimes I just lose my headspace for a plot! If you are not interested/lose interest in one of my plots, please be honest and up front with me. I will never be mad over ya losing steam!

- I'm extremely attached to my original characters and headworld. I have put a lot of time, love and work into them. So I am admittedly very protective. Please do not write my original properties for me/without me under any situation.

- Please ask my permission before drawing my characters and/or including them in art pieces. I'm extremely flattered if my characters make enough of an impact to inspire art! But I get anxious if it's a surprise from someone I don't know very well.

- I take plagiarism very seriously in both art and writing. Please uphold proper creative integrity, the lack of effort to do so is a permanent dealbreaker for me.

Some settings and genres I'm particularly interested in:
- Noir
- Superheroes (OC, Marvel, DC or other parties)
- Modern/urban fantasy
- Paranormal elements
- Historical/vintage (Jazz age/1920's through 1950's especially! Also WW1 and WW2)

If you think we might be a good match, please feel free to DM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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Ivy is a hell of a writer, and a kind and thoughtful friend. Her characters have such interesting and vibrant personalities, and the way she puts her own spin on concepts is nothing short of amazing. Her own headworld is so full of unique and fascinating concepts! I'm always eager to learn more. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Jabberwookie

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