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I see you looking at my proflie!~ I swear I'm not in your closet.. :)

About Me!

↣ My name is Jennifer but many calls me J-Hope.
↣ I am pretty young.
↣ I'm not an expert on roleplaying but I'm not a "noob" either.
↣ I love Criminal Minds, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, and Undertale!
↣ My favorite musical artist are : BTS, Stray Kids (and yet I don't know their names xD), Panic! At The Disco, Lorde, Bruno Major, and EXO.
↣ Ever wish to roleplay with me, just ask! I would love to!

I think that's all about me. Thank you for stopping by!


Rave Reviews

Honestly, this girl is amazing! Her responses are clear to the point, her characters are beautiful, and she is overall just awesome! I recommend roleplaying with her, she roleplays anything! - Park-Ki

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