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For everyone I talk to and have/will rp with: I'm feeling better atm, but not sure how long it's going to be, but I'm feeling better and up to Roleplay! ^_^

my prof is a work in progress, cuz I'm lazy af, I'll figure stuff out as I go I guess.

*This user is not Confident in their roleplaying, so if they say they think their writing is crappy, then they mean it, but it might not be as bad as they make it sound*

Genre's I like to Rp:

*Fantasy. It's a must with me, sorry, I just can't help myself, I live magic and mythical beings and all of that good jazz. Breathe it in like fairy dust. XD

*Romance. Eeeeeehhh, Sometimes, I can get picky with romance plots. I would preffer to be female or for it to be a Male x Male pairing, as that's what I'm most comfortable doing.

*Drama. Conflict, misinterpretations, stupid things that somehow spirral. Conflict in gerneral I like, especially war like scenarios. I do best if there's something to spice it up.

*+Others to be added since I'm a goldfish

Things I dislike in Rp's:

*Rushing a Romance. I don't know why, it just... after three posts or two days they're in love? I don't think so... It's just weird.

*Love Triangles. I HATE these and I usually don't like saying I hate something but with this I can't help myself. I just can't with these. Unless you want it to become a three way or a passing crush, don't bring up that jazz with me.

*One-liners. This one is kind of obvious, but I just dislike this very much, makes me get disinterested ASAP.

+Others since I'm lazy, I'll do this later.

and yes, I did it twice, for the heck of it XD... uh... I'm half light half dark? I have no idea. But don't worry, I'm only dark when I'm IC

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this person is so much fun!! i am so happy i met them!!! Their funny and always brightening my day! y'all should totally rp with them - Starwarsfan

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