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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15
  • Birthday: November 04

I love undertale, my hero academia and shipping! Ut au's cuz Duh' (I ship a lot of stuff but I'm scared to say since I know how some people feel about it) my prof is a work in progress, cuz I'm lazy af.

I have nearly 30 oc's, half of em' have to be renamed tbh. But the thing is, I can only make ten here cuz I ain't got cash. Oh well, s'cool. I can just see which oc's are more developed and use those.

Don't be afraid to hit me up for an rp! But please, let's try to speak beforehand, that way we don't do something the other wouldn't like or it comes out of the blue. I like to make sure what I'm doing is ok with the other roleplayer, therefor giving them a chance to correct me or change it slightly.

I'm too nice, which means that if I'm not answering I either thought you rushed the plot, didn't quite like how you answered, didn't see it, or got bored of the roleplay. I will not tell you because it makes me feel bad, and ghosting makes me feel worse, but I'll eventually tell you I suppose.
Not for me, but for you.

Here are some telltale signs I'm either getting bored of the roleplay or don't know what to do:

*Answers get shorter (BIG SIGN)

*Akwardness will present itself in my characters (Medium sign)

*My anwers will stop being as rapid as they used to be (Medium sign)

*I start giving plot driving idea's (Little sign)

I write pretty extensively? Kind of, depending on your responses, I like to write what my characters are feeling or thinking. But if you aren't that iliterate I can adjust to those needs/methods, so I'm not gonna be too much of a chatter box. kind of. I am not confident in my roleplaying capability's so don't think too much of me, I'm still kind of getting started.

I like to rp:
Shipping roleplay's! (as in with cannon characters, I don't usually ship my own created characters with someone else's, it doesn't mean I won't, it just means some of my oc's are unavailable)
Plot centered! (I love a good story)
Character scentered! (kind of like writing what each character is doing/thinking I guess?)


and yes, I did it twice, for the heck of it XD... uh... I'm half light half dark? I have no idea. But don't worry, I'm only dark when I'm IC

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  • this person is so much fun!! i am so happy i met them!!! Their funny and always brightening my day! y'all should totally rp with them
    -- Starwarsfan

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