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Discord: Jabberwookie#5707 (most used)

Para/Multipara || Jabber or Krepta || She/Her
[Open for RP] [No Friend Requests from Strangers Please]

About Me

Fandom Fan
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Heya, welcome to my profile! You can call me Krepta, or Jabber. I'll answer to either. I also have a character named Krepta, just to confuse you.

I've been around the roleplay scene for a while, since middle school and ye olde days of Neopets. I'm twenty nine now, and still have a lot of my oldest characters, though they look far different from when they just started out. Ask me about some of Krepta's embarrassing 'baby' pictures some time to see just how far.

I run a forum and a couple of discord based roleplay games, and help out on some other roleplay hubs as background staff. I'm fond of both group roleplays and one on ones, though some of my characters are better tailored to one over the other. I also love talking silly 'what if's' about characters.

When I'm not roleplaying (which is much of the time), I do solo writing as well as art. You can find my deviantart here if you're interested, though it hasn't likely been updated in a little while. I also enjoy reading about the natural world, particularly where animals are involved, and beasties of the prehistoric type are a special love of mine.

If you'd like to see where else I play, feel free to check out the links in the mini-banners below! Otherwise have a gander at my many characters (some are under construction more than others). Limits and other important stuff will likely be on their pages, but in the case that they're not, feel free to ask me.

I'm always up for roleplay, but you're more likely to get my attention by going through my discord. If you're interested in a game, please know that I do typically ask for a sample post from you first. You can find some of my own on my various character pages if you'd like to see. Please also have a general idea of what you want to do and who you want to play with. Plotting should be a conversation, not a monologue after all.

Other than that, come say hello! I'm always happy to meet new faces!


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『Want to roleplay with me? Send the following please!』

*Before anyone complains about having to fill out a form, please realize that I get a lot of roleplay requests and this helps to preserve my sanity. It helps to streamline the process, and these are all questions I would ask someone who contacted me with a simple 'wanna rp' anyway, so might as well get them out of the way ahead of time, so we can just get to playing, no? If I'm the one contacting you, feel free to ignore this section.

Rules and limits can be found on any of my characters not marked WIP.

Have you read the:
✧ Rules and Limits? (Y/N)
✧ Character of interest's basic info? (Y/N)

(X) all that apply!

I am okay with:
✧ RPing on a private Discord server or DMs
✧ RPing on RPR Private Messages
✧ RPing through Email

✧ Guest Characters or NPCs (OCs)
✧ Guest Characters or NPCs (Canons)

✧ Panfandom or Crossover Roleplays
✧ Time Travel or References to other Eras
✧ Magic & High Fantasy
✧ Science Fiction & Advanced Technology

Please send the following:
✧ Your age (18+ only please)
✧ Personal Limits & Topics you'd rather avoid, such as gore, sex, or language.
✧ Characters of mine that you're interested in (if any)
✧ If you're just looking for a 'meet and greet' roleplay, or if there's a specific plot you're hoping for (mine or your own). I usually have several listed on each character's sheet.
✧ Some information on the character you were hoping to play.
✧ Either a short RP sample or a link directing me to a page where I might be able to take a peek at some of your writing.

Rave Reviews

I met Krepta over trick-or-treat this year, and I was delighted at the opportunity to discover a writer with such a rich cast of characters and unique style. We had great fun (I think! :D) and I am absolutely looking forward to further stories with her! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - DorianM
Our beloved ringleader of the JLU crew. In my personal opinion, the sheer depth and history of their characters puts mine to shame, and this girl is one helluva game master. How she doesn’t crack running these dozens of games and threads is a mystery to me. All hail the kreptatorship! Helpful Drives the plot forward - CrystalDisc

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