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Discord: jabberwookie (most used)

Para/Multipara || Jabber || She/Her
[No Friend Requests from Strangers Please]

Open for roleplay requests, but picky with my time. Check out my info and short list of characters here to learn what I'm looking for! If you leave any kudos, thank you so much in advance-- I like to leave them back, so please send me a private message too letting me know you did. I don't always notice the notifications when it comes to that stuff.

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Rave Reviews

An absolute TREAT to write with. Jabber's characters burn with a life of their own and are easy to get attached to! Their plots NEVER disappoint either, brimming with fun, full, dynamic and exciting storytelling. I literally cannot oversell them. Go write with Jabber right now. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Ivyking214
I met Krepta over trick-or-treat this year, and I was delighted at the opportunity to discover a writer with such a rich cast of characters and unique style. We had great fun (I think! :D) and I am absolutely looking forward to further stories with her! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - DorianM

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