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[ Updated: 16/02/20 ]

> Under construction! <

What you need to know!

I am LGTBQ+ friendly!

I have been told that I'm contagious! If you don't want to become someone such as meh, then put this on before continuing any further~ *Gives gas mask*

*Opens window*
Ah, you're finally awake!

Bang! Fantasy! Bang! Slice of Life! Bang! Group RPs! Bang! Friendships ;-;

Don't worry about talking to me OOC! I'm more scared of you than you are of me- guaranteed!

Is putting your own sexuality required? A fair amount do e.o from what I've seen anyhow...hrm- nah-

I'll keep y'all guessing~

Current RP status: One active forum group RP, one active PM RP, one up-coming PM group RP, one pending up-coming group RP, and currently creating a PM group RP.

Total: Two active RPs and three semi-starting RPs. Conclusion; No more RPs for a while! Unless it's a really good PM RP with someone easy-going!

WARNING: My RP replies are extremely slow! I have 100% seen your reply so I don't worry if I take long- I'm making it as you questions my life status! The only time I haven't seen your reply is when I'm sleeping! [ Eastern Standard Time ]

No pictures belong to me! They all belong to their rightful owners! Besides the Blue Kitty- that one's mine!

RP quiz

I am...

Dionysus is...

Ember is...

Rylyn is...

Uaithne is...


Rave Reviews

Where soon to do a RP, not yet started but ive got a feeling its gonna be great. very understanding though. cant wait. , kudos Kind and understanding - Taz
WHERE DO I EVEN START?? 500 characters couldn't possibly be enough to explain this person's amazingness. (But I'll try anyway.) She is a skilled writer, and so so creative with both characters AND plots. Hilarious and very sweet, she always has the right thing to say to cheer me up or make me feel better about myself. Despite the fact that we've never ACTUALLY met, I consider her one of my most beloved friends, and am honoured to know her. 💕
Stay cool and drink your milk ^_^ - pixl.bee

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