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[ Updated: 19/05/21 ]

> Under construction! <

What you need to know!

I am LGTBQ+ friendly!

I have been told that I'm contagious! If you don't want to become someone such as meh, then put this on before continuing any further~ *Gives gas mask*

*Opens window*
Ah, you're finally awake!

Bang! Fantasy! Bang! Slice of Life! Bang! Group RPs! Bang! Friendships ;-;

Don't worry about talking to me OOC! I'm more scared of you than you are of me- guaranteed!

Sir, I am going into battle, and I need only your finest croissant.

Current RP status: One active Discord group RP, one active group RP, and two active PM RPs.

Total: Four active RPs. Conclusion; I might be open to one more group RP!

WARNING: My RP replies are extremely slow! I have 100% seen your reply so don't worry too much if I take long- I'm making it as you question my life status! The only time I haven't seen your reply is when I'm sleeping! [ Eastern Standard Time ]

No pictures or face claims belong to me! They all belong to their rightful owners! Besides the Blue Kitty- that one's mine!

RP quiz

I am...

Dionysus is...

Uaithne is...

Krillian is...

Rave Reviews

If You're Looking For A Wonderful RP Partner, This Is The Person To Ask! JaiyanaBinx Is Such A Wonderful And Creative Writer, And The Responses Are Fabulous! Good Day To You, And Many More! :D Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AmberShades
JAI! JAI JAI JAI! I could give 'em kudos a thousand times and still want to give more kudos! they're just an all-around excellent person, and I'm very glad to have 'em as a friend. we've known each other forever, and yet they still find new ways to surprise and impress me - with their skilled writing, their creativity, and their.. unique.. sense of humour... >:) Suffice to say, I just love Jai; I think they're spectacular and I'm very happy to know them! <3 ^_^ Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - pixl.Bee

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