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My name is Christiane, but Jane may be easier to pronounce.
I started to roleplay when I was 16, and enjoy it ever since.
I'm approachable, though respect is given where it is received.


Sometimes I take commissions to pimp a profile with some BBCode.
Some examples can be found on my DA. If you want to try it yourself:

Advanced profile prettification.

Prettifying your profile, part 1.
Prettifying your profile, part 2.
Prettifying your profile, part 3.


Dagger (30Stabby!Stabby!.gif) is my only active character at the moment.

In Furcadia since: 2002
Knife-Wife of: Highness

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Rave Reviews

Dagger (played by Jane)
Dagger is a magnificent character, everything about her is fantastic. She's sensual, a proper dominant and compassionate enough to be quite the well-rounded character. She's also gorgeous, and her design is one I've loved for a while. Beautiful, through and through, and with a lot of work done to make her stand out amongst other dominant figures. - Rook
Best. Person. Ever.

One of the nicest people I have ever met, just adore her. - Graphix

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  • DevilishSnake gave Dagger (played by Jane) kudos:
    She's so beautiful! Plus so much to RP with! Hopefully we can RP again soon! Kind and understanding Long posts
    (About 1 month 1 week ago)