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My name is Christiane, but Jane may be easier to pronounce.
I started to roleplay when I was 16, and enjoy it ever since.
I'm approachable, though respect is given where it is received.


Sometimes I take commissions to pimp a profile with some BBCode.
Some examples can be found on my DA. If you want to try it yourself:

Advanced profile prettification.

Prettifying your profile, part 1.
Prettifying your profile, part 2.
Prettifying your profile, part 3.


Dagger (30Stabby!Stabby!.gif) is my only active character at the moment.

In Furcadia since: 2002
Knife-Wife of: Highness

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Rave Reviews

I truly do enjoy all our mayhem and chaotic linking ot each other. Even after all the years I still find you one of the most endearing and straight forward folks I know, and thus will always be happy to plague you with my existence even when you do not know it's me <3 - liquidchaos
Dagger (played by Jane)
Jane is such a wonderfully sweet person, and her characters are all so lovely and unique! The things that come from her imagination never fail to impress me. Can't wait to RP! - IsKait

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