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While our interactions are often in passing, I can say for certain that Jay is a pillar of the community. He's always greeting new members, and doing his best to make people feel welcome. Moreover, he often goes out of his way to help other people in the community, whether it's doing a spontaneous giveaway or contributing prizes to The Template Jam's contests. I would love to get to know him better because he seems like just an all around really great guy! - Auberon
Jay's just excellent giant, he has fabulous beard. He's humble and his knowledge amazes me. Honestly I don't know what next to write, I never had occasion to role play with him but that doesn't mean I don't respect him.

Hope you are doing well! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - RimCaster

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  • JayBird gave Pineapple kudos!
    "Pineapple is more than 'just' an RP partner to me. She's the mother of monsters, heroes, villains, common folk just trying to get by, and a thousand thousand stories about all of them. Definitely a GOAT and a damned legend in her own right in RP, I'm thankful every day that she's been in my life. Creative ideas Long-term partner"
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  • Slice of Eleventh Birthday Cake
    JayBird earned 1 points during Epic Week 2021 and contributed 1 items to the armory!(About 2 months 3 weeks ago)