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JayBird is the creator of what is now officially the longest sci-fi rp on RPR, which is quite a feat. I'm enjoying the RP immensely, so kudos to you, Jay, for taking the initiative and creating an excellent setting on board the Viator! Onward! To the stars and beyond! - Pyrroglaux
Jay is a marvellous writer. I was initially surprised because of how brash he comes off, but I have loved reading everything he has ever written. Posting to him is hard because I worry about what he might think of my post compared to his. - Cacophony

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    JayBird helped the homepage notifications feed update in a timely manner1 day ago
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  • Abigail_Austin gave JayBird kudos:
    Jaybird is a great person. Always a welcome presence in any forum. <3 He'll make you laugh, and he'll make you think, and his manner reminds you that civility and decency and kindness are achievable and worthy goals. Jaybird, I salute you, sir. Oh and he's a good writer. Duh. :) Kind and understanding Great sense of humor
    1 week ago
  • JayBird replied to the forum topic What's something weird that comforts you?1 week ago
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    JayBird reported a bug in 1.0 and then had to wait very patiently until it was finally fixed by the release of 2.03 weeks ago