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Jay has been really fun to get to know and rp with. Their writing is top notch and the character they made for our rp is interesting, deep, struggling and flawed but so determined to do the right thing. Jay also helps keep my on my world building toes, which is never a bad thing! I can't wait to see how or rp ends up unfolding. Helpful Wonderful writer - Dndmama
I haven't really talked to Jay a lot, but when I did, he brightened up my day! I can't wait to rp with this guy! - Krissy

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  • Dndmama gave JayBird kudos:
    Jay is such a cool guy and a great writer. Though our rp has been temporarily on hold cause the world has gone mad, I miss it all the time. His character is interesting and complex and he really knows how to express emotions in his writing. Really great descriptions too. I know you'll come back to me some day, Jay. I can't wait. Drives the plot forward Long-term partner
    (About 1 month 1 week ago)