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My wonderful brother. The blood of my soul if not my body. I can't even remember what randomness set us on the path of being as close as we are. I can only say that from the moment of "Go" between us, we've never looked back. Talented beyond measure, you come with a passion that cannot be contained. The fact that over the years we have built up, burned down and screwed up words, universes and one another creatively so many times I can't help but keep coming back for more. - Mouslykat
Arinbjorn (played by JayBird)
Ah, Arthur. That rare specimen of character who you can't just summarize in a few short lines; that sort of character that one would call "deep", but not really do justice to the amount of work that's been put into his backstory. I'd give a limb or two to be in a long-term RP with this fella, and that includes my PenDingo. Until then, I'll have to think of a word that best describes how awesome he is. ;) - Witness

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  • Abigail_Austin gave JayBird kudos:
    Jaybird is a great person. Always a welcome presence in any forum. <3 He'll make you laugh, and he'll make you think, and his manner reminds you that civility and decency and kindness are achievable and worthy goals. Jaybird, I salute you, sir. Oh and he's a good writer. Duh. :) Kind and understanding Great sense of humor
    3 days ago
  • JayBird replied to the forum topic What's something weird that comforts you?3 days ago
  • Red Ribbon
    JayBird reported a bug in 1.0 and then had to wait very patiently until it was finally fixed by the release of 2.02 weeks ago
  • RimCaster gave JayBird kudos:
    Jay's just excellent giant, he has fabulous beard. He's humble and his knowledge amazes me. Honestly I don't know what next to write, I never had occasion to role play with him but that doesn't mean I don't respect him.

    Hope you are doing well! Kind and understanding Creative ideas
    4 weeks ago
  • JayBird replied to the forum topic Help me name this kitten!2 months ago