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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 33
  • Birthday: April 25

Logo courtesy of KansasVenomoth!

So this is me. This is a JayJay...

I've been on here for many years, and I've been RPing long enough that my first RP character on Furcadia could legally vote by now.

I love cooking, reading, writing, arts and crafts.
I also dig video games and Imgur.
Nikina is my Captain Pineapple.
Penholder is my habibti.
Gamers is my G.
Guardian_Girl is my adoptadaughter.
PerryInc is my redneck step-child
Shame and I's marriage is a lie

My Tolerance
For Bullshit.
By the humorous and talented Sasheth
Me and IolhantheX, by IolhantheX


Rave Reviews

  • The man has stuck around for what seems to be a lifetime in the time of my life where it seems that most have faded away or gone their separate ways. He is a steadfast presence and worth listening to. I consider him to be family, and only just in that he has earned this title to me.
    -- PerryInc
  • Jay is quite amazing dude, he even said theoretically with his age, he could be my father. anyway Jay helped me sharing some ideas about world building which I appreciate.
    -- RimCaster

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