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This guy is amazing, honestly! He has so many creative ideas and knows how to drive the plot forward, not to mention that his writing is incredibly descriptive and you truly get a feel of his character(s). I am baffled by how he so easily flows from one subject to another when writing and how it makes it all feel ALIVE. If you haven't already roleplayed with him give him a try!! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - ChocolateIceCream
Jay is a marvellous writer. I was initially surprised because of how brash he comes off, but I have loved reading everything he has ever written. Posting to him is hard because I worry about what he might think of my post compared to his. - Cacophony

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    Jay has been really fun to get to know and rp with. Their writing is top notch and the character they made for our rp is interesting, deep, struggling and flawed but so determined to do the right thing. Jay also helps keep my on my world building toes, which is never a bad thing! I can't wait to see how or rp ends up unfolding. Helpful Wonderful writer
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