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Disclaimer - DO NOT ENGAGE if all you want is smut RP. You are NOT going to get it from me. Not only am I Asexual, but I have Genophobia. Please respect that.

★ Hey, yo, sup?! My name's Jena and I'm a huge nerd. ★
Please Click my Pokemon uwu

The OT3
Amy | Rena

The Cool Dudes
Trey | Bailey | Court | Light | Izzie | Kalen
Tif | Mars | Laer | Cat | Ellie | Sarah
Nessa | Sara | Madi | Kait | Roe | Henry
Darl | Lyn | Jas | Moki | Faith | Kritta
Nay | Kyle

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Rave Reviews

Jena is an incredibly thoughtful, passionate, outspoken individual. She is kind to animals, cares about social issues, and always stands up for what she believes in. She's been a great support for me at times, and I always look forward to seeing her posts online. Kind and understanding - Auberon
This woman makes my heart skip a beat, Shes absolutely amazing in every sense of the word. Her roleplay is absolutely addicting and I can never get enough. We often space it out and when we start it's absolutely perfect. Her craft of wording and the actions of her characters are perfectly unique. I look forward to our roleplays so much as they bring me to tears, they fill me with so many FEELS! She's truly a gift and I treasure her so much. Thank you Jena<3 ilysomuch - Bbynay

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